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How to use math in photography!!!

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Hannah Machesky

on 17 May 2012

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Transcript of How to use math in photography!!!

How to use math in photography! Math Problem; Photographers use algebra to calculate everything from shooting the photograph, to developing the print. Photography involves math by many different parts of the camera, and how to use it. Like shutter speed, aperture openings, the inverse square law, the "Rule of Thirds" and more. Shutter Speed; The shutter speed of a camera is how fast the shutter moves and how long it stays open when shooting a photograph.

- Each change of shutter speed indicates a halving or doubling of time the shutter remains open (in full stops.)

-If a photo is underexposed by a certain number of f/stops you'll need to know how to calculate the proper aperture or shutter speed to make a perfect exposure. (The f-stop on a camera refers to its aperture setting. Aperture is one of the two exposure controls on a camera, the other being shutter speed. Aperture controls the diameter of the lens' diaphragm that lets light into the camera.)

Photography is...

The art or practice of taking and processing
photographs. Rule of Thirds. The "Rule of thirds" is basically how the photo is composed and well balanced. So the picture is pleasant to the viewer. How else does it involve math? Determing focal length/ field of view
Measurements. (lighting and movement)
Adding\subtracting fractions.
Setting the camera to the right angle of degrees they need for a picture. The value of 2 and its reciprocal 1/2 are very important in photography. In photography, focal length refers to the length of the lens and is used to calculate the distance between you and your subject. Focal length is measured in millimeters. Focal Length, Photographers use chemicals to develop film
and photographs. Math is needed to determine
the amount of each chemical used and how much
water is to be added to each step of the developing
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