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My Dream Trip

dream trip

katelyn brockman

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of My Dream Trip

My Dream Trip WHERE AM I GOING? Virginia GETTING THEIR Virginia Beauty Landscape Relaxation Fun Pearson International Airport, Toronto Reagan National Airport, Washington to Air Canada ARRIVAL: 8:30am
DEPARTURE: 9:52am $504.00 Taxi Reagan National Airport, Washington to Massanutten Resort: ShenandoahVillas $126.25 LODGING Massanutten Resort: Shenandoah Villas $924.00 THINGS TO DO CURRENCY PLACES TO EAT CLIMATE FOODS SAFETY CONCERNS July 3, 2010 - July 10, 2010 relatively high, 75-85 degree weather Horseback Riding $35.00 ( 1 hour ) Virginia Safari Park $14.00 Six Flags America $50.00 Daytona Farmers Market (whatever money spent) National Zoo $30.00 Rockafellers Restaurant Catch 31 Primo Pizza Bubbas 1. Don't carry large sums
of money at a time 2. If mountain biking, do
not bike alone 3. Wear a helmet when
horseback riding canadian Food
sea Food
Lebanese $1.00 CAN = $0.98 USA $154.00 per night Im general, their are no
major safety risks. It's close
to home, and very safe.
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