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Hospital Waiting Room

No description

Josh Palit

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Hospital Waiting Room

Liminal Space - 'The Art of Waiting'
Hospital Waiting Rooms for Neurological Outpatients The main problem with current waiting rooms is that they can be very dull and boring not only for the staff, but the patients who have to wait in there for a long period of time. It can become quite depressing if you are injured or have a certain disorder and you are made to wait within a bland room full of other sick people. Here are some examples: Existing Waiting Rooms Neurological Disorders and Neurological Professionals What is brain energy massage?

Visual areas of the brain are capable of reacting to impulse going from the retina. To improve the eye-sight and mental health, it is necessary to activate corresponding areas of the brain. If some sectors of the brain have been damaged, or their work impaired, electric signals don’t go through such damaged ways, and therefore, some areas of the brain may not function. Such kind of condition cannot disappear by itself. In some cases, brain energy massage may help restore normal functioning of the various sectors of the brain by means of the visual stimulation of the brain. What is visual stimulation of the brain?

The eyes are an extension of the brain. The visual system is intimately connected with the nervous system and endocrine system by way of the eyes which through the light receptors of the retinas send electrical messages not only to the visual cortex but also to the hypothalamus and pineal glands. The light coming in through the eyes can augment the function of the nervous system and the endocrine system and put the body into balance.

Published scientific and clinical studies have reported visual stimulations to be effective in inducing relaxation, reducing stress, reducing blood pressure, relieving tension headache, managing chronic pain, relieving insomnia, and reducing the discomfort of premenstrual syndrome.

Visual stimulation means are currently being used by professional psychologists in their practices and by the general public for relaxation, stress management, Insomnia, mind expansion, accelerated learning and retention, breaking limiting beliefs, phobias, anxiety, sports training, promoting physical wellness.

Throughout the 1970s and early 1980s, scientists found more fully how lights influenced the electrochemical activity of the brain. Flickering lights have been used for centuries to influence brain. Generally, the visual stimulation are designed to increase the EEG entrainment effect and to achieve some specific mind state. Josh Katie Ola Sanaah Amy Neurologists treat stroke patients, as well as patients with epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, and hundreds of other neurological issues, some of which are acute, others of which may be ongoing, or chronic. The seating within the waiting room needs to be practical yet comfortable, as people may be stuck waiting for a long period of time. Ergonomics plays a huge role here as different variables come into play. For example certain heights and materials have to be considered. The material used must not harvest any bacteria and has to be able to be wiped clean. Colour Theory: Negatives Limited space making it crammed. Old fashioned decor The simplistic decor makes the areas plain
and lacks personality. The Seats Lacks comfort Does not provide the ideal
comfort for the patients Basic requirements for the chairs in the waiting room The colour theory creates a logical structure of the different colours that work in harmony to one another. Colours working in harmony compliment each other making it visually pleasing. Such examples can be seen in nature such as the shades of a plant. Disorders of the nervous system: the brain, spinal cord and nerves Practical Eco-Friendly Comfortable Not take up a large amount of space Accessible Doesn't meet all of the needs of the individual patients Not gather bacteria easily Colours Possible
improvements There could be more seats available for patients
therefore providing them with more comfort and preventing the areas from being crammed. The decor of the areas could be made more modern Meaning of Colours? Instead of having plain colour schemes colours could
be added to make the areas more interesting and comfortable Blue - The colour blue has calming affects
so would be beneficial within a neurology
outpatient area. Blue is a positive colour as
it makes you happy, calmed and relaxed. Red - An extreme colour that can depict passion and love to the polar opposite of danger and violence / anger. One of the top 2 favourite colours amongst many and greatly revered for good luck in many far eastern countries. The decor could be made to suit the type of
department which the area is designed for, for example in this case neurology The materials used must not considerably harm the environments in any way. The chairs have to be comfortable as back pain and other complications could occur, and people in the waiting room do not need more problems. The 5 senses to consider General negatives and improvements The chairs need to be accessed very frequently and easily. Access is also needed for people who are in wheelchairs. The brain controls these 5 senses which is why
it is important to consider them. Blue - A favourite colour amongst many people. In nature it is the colour of the sky and water but it is rarely found in fruits and vegetables. Blue has the most complex and contradictory meaning than any other colour as each shade can easily depict a different meaning such as dark blue representing authority and a light blue representing serenity. Sometimes people have a hearing impairment, which means they cannot hear at all or only to some degree. Some people have difficulties seeing colours. This is called colour blindness. There are different kinds of colour blindness.
Some people have vision impairment, meaning they cannot see very well or cannot see at all.
The eyes work like a camera. They take in light from the thing we are looking at and make a tiny picture of it on the back of the eyeball. Nerves inside the eyes take a message to the brain about the picture.The brain tells us what it is we are looking at. Nerves inside the nose take messages to the brain about the smells that come into the nose in the air. The brain tells what we are smelling. Chemicals in the food we eat make the taste buds work and nerves
in the tongue send messages to the brain which tells us what it is
we are tasting. Nerve endings in the skin send messages to the brain that tell us
about what we are touching, such as whether it is warm, hot, cold,
painful, soft, prickly, rough, sticky. Green - Once a colour that symbolised growth and vegetation and represented the colour of the Heavens during the Ming Dynasty. In recent years, it has become the colour of ecology and the environment. Green is a neutral colour that can be found in a wide variety of objects. Outpatient areas are all similar therefore it is easy to generalise them all. http://www.kidcyber.com.au/topics/body_senses.htm The four lobes Frontal Lobe- associated with reasoning, planning, parts of speech, movement, emotions, and problem solving
Parietal Lobe- associated with movement, orientation, recognition, perception of stimuli
Occipital Lobe- associated with visual processing
Temporal Lobe- associated with perception and recognition of auditory stimuli, memory, and speech Yellow - The most luminous colour of the spectrum. It generally represents happiness, optimism and creativity however, it also has negative connotations of cowardice, egoism and betrayal. Hospital have to be very hygienic as to prevent infections and prevent viruses from spreading. Therefore to minimise thew chance of any bacteria from spreading, the materials used in the seats and other furniture have to be able to be cleaned frequently and not contain a lot of germs such as a fabric seat would They must fill the purpose for people to sit on comfortably for a long period of time. Purple - One of the rarest colours in nature giving it an supernatural / mystical aura about it. The colour only really came about when dyes were being used to colour clothing but even then, the amount of purple extracted was minimal meaning only the privileged got to wear purple clothing. Purple symbolises things such as magic, dignity and royalty but depending on the shade the depiction can greatly differ. The chairs must not obstruct any corridors or any doors. Aesthetically Pleasing Orange - It is a vibrant and engaging colour that is also a polarizing colour but it can be seen as an abrasive colour therefore it is either a "love it or hate it" colour. It symbolises energy amd vitality but pure orange can be viewed as a lack of intellectual value and lack of seriousness. The people waiting in this room could be here for a short or lengthy amount of time, so people do not want to be in a dull and boring waiting room. So by having chairs that look nice, people will feel more relaxed and comforted. People do not want to be stressed when they enter a hospital, so possible calming music could be played to relive stress. Nature provides one of the best soundtracks for this. Music and Sounds to Relax the Patients Seating Area*
Heating/Air Conditioning
Consultation Room
Lighting + Natural Light*
Access Areas*
Space Management*
Pay Phone*
Vending Machine
Fire Extinguisher
Hand Sanitiser*
Interactive Gadgets etc. Looking at different patterns
for shapes and colours
for the design process Combining light
and materials together Franco Most hospital waiting chairs are very linear and in a uniform pattern. Very boring designs that can sometimes be uncomfortable. The Neurological outpatients tend to come to the waiting room more than once as they may have multiple appointments across a certain period of time. People want to have their own unique experience when they come in and feel comfortable within their surroundings. In some cases, people may be anxious and nervous about a test result, or possibly a child who is scared of hospitals. As designers it is our job to make them feel relaxed and as calm as possible to lighten their feelings when visiting the hospital. Most waiting rooms will have vending machines. People may become anxious and require a drink, or a cup of tea to sooth nerves etc. They will be placed in an accessible location that will not obstruct any corridors. This is not an essential to have so it must not play a huge part within the waiting room. Vending Machines Interactive Materials Products to be Designed for the Waiting Area Seats
Hand Rails
Pay Phone
Hand Sanitiser Holder This digital wall technology delivers eye-catching dynamic visual content that can be projected onto virtually any surface, creating a full body interactive wall experience where the user controls interactive wall special effects, advertising and games with simple hand and body motions Designs we can use on the wall Waiting Rooms Using the nerve map you can divide the waiting area up but you can also use the nerves as an active area of the space. As electricity travels through your nerves you can show this by having the nerve paths on the floor with lights flowing along them as if to show how your nerves work. Many waiting rooms are crowded
therefore it's better if we have
a bigger area. But the most practical and cheaper alternative is to come up with ways of using the space given effectively and efficiently. Such as fold away chairs etc. When you have an appointment, you could be assigned a certain seat that could light up when occupied, and whoever is with you can sit with you. Then when your name is called out for the appointment, an LED floor could show you a path for where to go. The floor could show images of nerves and electrical impulses that guide you to your destination. •Cognitive Disorders
•Headache and migraine
•Oncology (Established Diagnosis)
•Parkinsons / Movement Disorders
•Sleep - see Sleep Medicine
•Stroke (not TIA) Some people report that they have difficulty paying attention when people talk and give directions. Others find it hard to concentrate on what they read, and find that they loose track of the important points, especially when reading longer passages. They may find it hard to focus on one thing when other things are happening. They may get distracted or conversely, become so involved in one thing that they fail to attend to something else that is happening. Multi-tasking, for example, answering a customer's question while operating the cash register, becomes difficult because they have to divide their attention. Sensory style: People use all their senses to learn but some prefer to learn by listening - while others are more visual, or more hands on/tactile. Flashing lights or rapidly changing or alternating images (as in clubs, around emergency
vehicles, in action movies or television programs, etc.) are an example of patterns in
time that can trigger seizures, and these are the most common triggers. Static spatial patterns
such as stripes and squares may trigger seizures as well, even if they do not move. •Smells. Strong smells like perfumes, soaps,
sprays, hand lotions, hair sprays,
colognes, glues and markers used to write
on white dry-erase boards
can trigger headaches in some people.

•Noises. Loud noises and persistent
noise can trigger headaches.
Besides avoiding noisy situations,
use soft ear plugs to help muffle the offending sounds. Corridor = 10x3m
'Bulge' area = suitable space An example of this could be seen in this picture. If the nerves were the LED strips that led to different rooms, and the LED's could light up just like the glowing red lights seen here. They could guide the patient to their specified room. Brief (Kinda) To make waiting a more enjoyable experience for people who may be nervous or anxious. Also to accommodate as many people to sit down and get them to their specified room safely and quickly as people do not like being sat around for a long time. That is why we have to make coming to the hospital waiting area as comfortable as possible. Possible fold away chairs to make for more room.
Different pods or booths for people to sit in.
Have the seats all around the edges of the room leaving space in the middle.
Chairs hanging from the ceiling.
Leaning bars and chairs for people who really need them. Wheel Chair
Colour Blind Problems people may have other than the neurological disorders. Possible Ideas for Chairs 'Office in a Bucket'
Inflatable Products Ltd. Having an area cornered off from
the waiting area can help keep the
space calm as phones may be ringing
and computer noises may discomfort
patients. Also due to when quite a few
things are happening at once some patients
may become unrested so having all the
business of a reception hidden can help
towards making it feel uncluttered. The movement of water has a
tranquil essence, using long exposure
photography captures the long flows in
a smooth and free way. These forms can
help to divide the space up or create
borders between spaces as they have a
flowing essence which will stop the entire
waiting area feeling cut up. For the reception area, the forms
created by a water droplet into water
can create smooth forms which can break
this area away from the patients so
they can't become restless. Zaha Hadid, tap design. Using this kind of form to
swirl around the reception can
add a essence so the form doesn't
look too plain but at the same
time isn't too much information
for the patient to take in. Wheel chair users- it is important that the area is large enough to accommodate people who use wheel chairs in order to get around. The corridors to allow the patients to access the rooms which they will carry out their appointment in must be wide enough to fit different types of wheel chairs. Some wheel chairs are specially made for the individual that is going to be using it therefore may be larger than regular wheel chairs which is something that must be taken into consideration.
Deaf people- Deaf people rely on their sight to allow them to carry out day to day tasks. Therefore signs must be displayed throughout the area to allow them to get to the correct room for their treatment. A television screen could be displayed within the area to show the patients when it is their time to go into their appointment and where the room will be. However when in the waiting room they may not always be looking at the screen therefore coloured lights could go off when appointments come on the screen and the patient will see the lights and instantly know to look at the screen.
Blind people- blind people rely on other sense such as hearing to enable them to carry out tasks. Therefore along with the screen there could be an audible part where the information is also read out to allow the patient to get to where they need to be. This may cause problems for the other patients as it may create too much noise when the atmosphere created is one of a calm environment. Therefore the patient may receive earphones which they plug into a small hand held device to allow them to hear when it is their turn to go into the room as as they are unable to see when they get to the room instructions may also be read out to help navigate them.
Dyslexsic people- Reading instructions can be difficult for people with dyslexia therefore pictures would be easier for them to understand as they cope better with visuals.
Colour blind- as the atmosphere created will be one of a calming effect some will be unable to see the calming colours therefore as music will be played this will enable them to feel calm. Visual screen
The visual screen will feature calming images to help relax the patients. The screen will change when instructing patients that it is their time to go for their appointment. When the waiting room is not as busy the screen will display images of waves and play soothing music. shapes and patterns will also me displayed with the use of colours to help create a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Earphones
These will be provided to patients and will play calming music to help relax them and distract them from the purpose which they are at the hospital for. the music will stop when instructions are given to the patient to tell them which room to go to as how to get to the room. the earphones will plus into a small device which will receive instructions from the reception desk. Tranquility
Another aspect which could be included in the area could be a fish tank as many people find it calming to watch their movement. How they move in the water and the motions which they create and their peaceful lifestyle would enable patients to feel calm. Accessibility People that turn up to the hospital would either be there for treatment or for a checkup. In other words, their abilities may have been hindered in some way. In order to accommodate this, disability access is crucial in a hospital as there will be patients who need to utilize a wheelchair or some kind of assistance to enable traveling. The Colour Wheel Rough design for the reception desk,
using the research to the right as inspiration
and the colour research. The corridor needs to be at least 0.9m wide for a wheelchair to make its way through. 1.5m for 2 to pass side by side. A turning circle of a wheelchair requires the corridor to be at least 1.5m in width A wheelchair needs a width of 1.2m to make a U-turn Part of the reception desk would need to be around 0.9m in height for someone using a wheelchair to approach with minimal difficulty. Spacing to accommodate a wheelchair in a seating area. Some things to consider to make the design more disability access friendly:
- Automatic Doors
- Ramps
- Lifts
- Door Width
- Corridor Width
- Handrails
- Height of objects Using the photoshopped image below I used the
pattern on the floor of the waiting area with small
lights moving along the lines. These representing
the electric moving along the nerve. Colours still to
be discussed, I used just some simple light colours
which won't complicate the patients. Hand Sanitisation In hosptitals, one of the major reasons why infections spread is through transfer from the bacteria on our hands. The bacteria can culminate and stay on a surface just after one contact which is a huge issue within hospitals as ill person's immune system will be in a weakened state. To counter bacteria spreading from our hands, all that has to be done is to sanitise them. Scrubs hands at a sink to clear off bactiera Use anti-bacteria wipes to clean hands Hand sanitiser gel Bottle Dispenser Automatic Dispenser - Avoid any hand contact Hand contact - bacteria transferred to surface IV light - Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation Not very efficient at killing bacteria compared to other methods Problem to be Solved Hyrdo-alcoholic solution & Plastic micro-ball solution How to Create a Calming Atmostphere Visual Stimulation Brain Massage An effective method which is a method also used by the food industry to kill bacteria that may ruin product. Existing Chairs Images of a Dyson Hand Sanitiser concept Hand is placed near product for the solutions to be applied This chair to the left is fixed in a linear pattern, it is made from plasic, possibly polypropelene. This can wiped clean and it is also scratch which doesnt require a lot of maintenece. However it has no character and looks dull and boring. Hands can then be placed under UV light to check if bacteria are still present The chair to the right is also in a linear form. Hover it is made out of a certain fabric which can be quite dangerous within a hospital as they may harvest a lot of bacteria. They are not easily cleaned and requires a lot of maintenece if the hospital were to try and keep these clean. The chair to the left is possibly the most contempory which is the look needed for our waiting room. It is also made out of leather which can be cleaned with ease, However these could easily be damaged and ripped. They have arm rests that would provide comfort, but only for the people sat at the end. Another problem faced with all three of these chairs is that a sense of privacy cannot be achieved here. For example if you want to take a phone call or look at a text then the person is able to look and here your private moments with others. They will probably not but the possibiliy is still their. People may become discomforted which is not what they want when they are waiting to be seen. They may be anxious already and this added pressure will not help. o The Waiting Room Pods Having an actual fish tank would cause a number of problems such as...
Keeping the fish tank clean. This would take up time and would make the area look untidy when the tank became dirty.
Feeding the fish. This would add on costs as food will need to be bought on a regular basis.
Disturbing the fish. Children mainly may disturb the fish by tapping on the fish tank and this may make them become distressed and then not act in a calming manner.
Watching the fish. It would be important that the fish are watched to ensure nothing happens to them for example to ensure non are deceased which could cause distress to the patients. To overcome this problem instead of having real life fish an interactive board could be placed on one of the walls. this will mean that fish will still be included in the design but in an interactive way. Other calming images could include the following...
stars IDEA IDEA Support

As different patients will be coming into the area it is important that support is offered for example support frames.

Support frames will help people to keep stable and prevent falls which could cause other problems. When designing the support frame ergonomics is a factor which has to be considered. deej Waz ere! Waiting rooms mostly consist of plain
and boring designs however there are many
that are different these images consist of waiting rooms that have a lot of colour. These designs are modern however they are to bright for a hospital environment I like the idea of separate waiting rooms
this gives off the feeling of calmness as
it isnt going to infested with people
and gives you the feeling of calmness. This waiting room is
more for the kids waiting area
with multicolour's and soft materials. The focus colour is green and
its bright and overly used. I like
the use of glow used on the
wall it would have looked more
better if the wall was a light shade I like the ceiling of this waiting
room we could use LED lights
in the ceiling with sky images We could use the LED idea
on the ceiling, by putting different
sky images in the ceiling giving them
calmness and change of scenery. Interactive Materials An interactive wall includes tracking devices and low-resolution LED displays and is capable of showing many different visualizations based on the presence and movement of people. The system is capable of storing and running a potentially limitless variety of designs and interactive programs that can be used by multiple participants simultaneously. Noninteractive, when a message is not related to previous messages;
Reactive, when a message is related only to one immediately previous message; and
Interactive, when a message is related to a number of previous messages and to the relationship between them Things to consider for
the hand rail Curved shape to take the shape of peoples hands when they take hold of something. The material for the hand rail needs to be one that can be wiped down and cleaned to prevent germs from being spread and to make it more hygienic for the patients. As well as the shape being comfortable to hold the materials which the rail is made from must also make it comfortable to hold. therefore if the hand rail has some form of cushion to it then it will not be hard and uncomfortable for the patients to grip hold of. The materials also needs to be one that doesn't get cold easily as this will make it uncomfortable to hold where as one that is warmer will make it easier for the patients to use the hand rail for support. Using a soft materials will prevent further injuries occurring as a harder hand rail will cause more problems if somebody falls into it. There has to b some form of grip on the hand rail to make it easier for patients to hold. This will also prevent their hands from slipping which would cause them to have less support. Making the hand rail less bulky will also offer more support to the patient as they will be able to get a better hold of the rail. The more the patient can get a hold of the rail the better the support they will receive. Hydration Keeping the brain hydrated if very important as it helps it to function to its full potential. The best way to keep your body hydrated is by drinking water why is why it is important to have facilities for patients in the area to allow them to get t water supplies for a drink. By drinking water i helps to improve the following...
concentration Glass walls looks different and more
exciting than the standard ones they
give space more comfy feeling as well
as interesting touch. Feng Shui

Chinese philosophy about the relationship between humans and their environment.
It is about how everything is connected and affects your well-being. Water dispensers
There are both positives and negatives of water dispensers.

Allows people to get water whenever they feel like it
the plastic cups allow them to be thrown away so is more hygienic as people aren't drinking from the same cups
the water is kept cool and therefore will taste better to drink
it is difficult to refill the dispenser as the water is difficult to lift and turn over to the correct way
some people find it difficult to use the mechanism to release the water
the cups aren't big enough in size to hold much water therefore people have to keep getting up and down to refill their cup •Feeling of empowerment

•Good health

•Increased energy

•Increased self-esteem.

•Awareness of synchronicity

When we create a smooth flow within our living environment, it translates to all other aspects of our lives. The benefits of Feng Shui include: picture that could go for the walls somewhere, maybe children playing area pictures of diffrent things to make them less mature and scary. Reception Desks
Design Psychology of shapes in design Window view (garden) could be highlighted in
few colours for nicer feeling and less formal Hand rail materials

- plastic could be used for the main body of the hand rail as it can be molded into numerous shapes.
- something soft like memory foam could be used for the inside of the hand rail as it will offer a soft grip and will take the shape of the users hand to make it comfortable to hold.
- leather could be wrapped around the memory foam as it is a material that can be kept clean making it hygienic. Using Josh's seat design
and Franco's desk design. Lighting ideas Circular shape:

Tenderness - Love - Friendship - Care - Support - Protection - Affection - Compassion.

Squares, rectangles, pyramids:

Stability - Strength - Power - Balance - Reliability

Vertical shapes and lines:

Strength - Masculinity - Power - Aggression - Courage - Brutality - Dominate - Menacing

Horizontal lines:

Tranquillity - Feminine - Calm - Rest - Weak - Peaceful - Composed - Silent - Still - Non menacing

Soft curves:

Rhythm - Movement - Happiness - Pleasure - Generosity - Femininity

Sharp angled lines:

Energy - Lively - Young - Explosive - Violent - Anger - Rapidity - Dynamic - Movement Psychology of smell
and memory Possible japanese rock garden theme. Rough plan 1. Rough idea for the partitions
for the pods with Josh's seating inside,
flowing pieces of plastic. Smell and emotion are both processed in the limbic system so it is natural that some smells can activate a certain emotion , good or bad.
Many stores use "scents" to influence customers and conjure up a certain "feeling" eg. floral scents in the bedding department or vanilla and cinnamon at Christmas etc.
Often when we smell something we may always connect that particular smell to a particular emotion. Some scents remind us of a specific person, place or event. The smell of detergents is usually
associate with clinics and it would be
nice to smell there something that gives us
warm feeling. coffee flowers bakery chocolate wood smell can make us feel safe and secure and…well, hungry. Rock Gardens fruits Connecting on from the flowing movement of water
is the harmony among Japanese rock gardens. With some
using symmetry but some using an unordered look which still look harmonious due to the smooth organic shapes. (needs to be scanned) (Josh's drawing) Rough plan with measurements,
ill be redone when all components
orms are definite and to scale. Front elevation, rough
sketches of form. Final enclosed seating design. Blue laminate with blue LED strips inside. Josh's seating design built into the sides. Ideas These are some ceiling designs i have started
i looked at waves because they cause calmness. I was influenced by the picture below. flooring ideas Vinyl flooring is quite good for commercial use as you can quickly exchange it if it will get damage and there is lots of variables of it. It's also quite cheap and very easy to clean. Technical floor information and substrate requirements for puur specially formulated resin floors. Suitable for both commercial and residential environments.
System comprises primer layer, rubber crumb matting (3mm or 5mm), scratch coat, the main leveling base layer comprising two components based on branched polyols and aromatic polyisocyanates, and two surface finishing coats. Skid resistance Leroux = dry approx 95
Easy to clean
Hard wearing material. Puur poured resin
Our puur mono and puur duo poured resin floors are smooth contemporary floors and extremely popular with both retail and residential clients looking for a smooth and contemporary poured floor, which is beautiful to the eye, yet durable and easy to maintain. We offer a complete advice service to ensure that we meet your exacting requirements. http://www.puur.uk.com/resin-floors.php Flooring material. project:Borealis
Location:General Motors, Detroit
designer:Danny Lane
Heated to 680°c then Rapidly (air) cooled
Up to 4 times stronger than annealed float glass COLOURED PVB INTERLAYER
Range of translucent to opaque colours project:Orthodontic Practice
Location:Ueberlingen, Germany
designer:ATELIER H-2-A
date:2011 Kiln formed textured glass by Fusion Ltd. Glass partitions This is the final design for the interactive screen which will have images moving along the screen when patients walk past. The side of the screen shows that it is relatively thin and will not stick out too far to cause any problems for example people walking into the side and hurting themselves. Side view of the water dispenser Liminal Space - 'The Art of Waiting'
Hospital Waiting Rooms for Neurological Outpatients deej Waz ere! Liminal Space - 'The Art of Waiting'
Hospital Waiting Rooms for Neurological Outpatients deej Waz ere!
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