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Coach Carter

No description

Mufarrah Malik

on 23 March 2014

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Transcript of Coach Carter

Coach Carter is an excellent demonstration of teamwork and Leadership.
Coach Carter was released in 2005, its an American drama sports film directed by Thomas Carter. The story is based on basketball games played by Richmond High school.
Leadership skills were demonstrated by Ken Carter
Teamwork was demonstrated by Richmond's team "Oilers"
(He was appointed as a coach in Richmond high school)
(Coached by Ken Carter)
Story Line:
Ken Carter was appointed as a coach for Oilers basketball team at his old high school Richmond. Years ago he himself played in the team and made unbeaten records.
On the very first day, he handed over the contracts to the team members which states that in order to be in the team, players should fulfill following requirements:
Minimum 2.3 GPA
Sit in the front row
Follow the dress code
Carter worked hard with the team, players begin to feel a sense of team work. Instead of blaming each other, they started collaborating efficiently and eventually the team goes on to eventually
However, carter later discovers that some of players were not following the contract i.e. they were skipping classes etc. so carter locked the gym and canceled 2 games. The gym remained lock until the players improve their grades and perform according to the
The team improved their grades and started playing again. The final game in the movie was between St. Francis and Oilers. Although Oilers loose that game by one goal but carter felt proud because players accomplished their goal of attaining a proper education and acknowledge the power of team work and utilized it well .
On this bumpy road to success, carter faced a lot of criticism and decided to resign from the post as well.
Kim Carter - Leader

He sees the big picture.
Lead by example of himself.
Encourage respect, professionalism, teamwork, punctuality.
Transformed weak teamwork to a strong one.
Determined to make their basketball year successful.
Success is not about winning the game, its about winning in life.
Oilers - Bad Teamwork:
Gossips about each other
Play the blame game
Lack of collaboration
Abusive behavior 24/7
Oilers - Good Teamwork:
Know each other strengths and weaknesses.
Less "me" more "we".
Individual commitment for team efforts.
Measure teamwork after every game and work on the flaws.
Share the outcomes together.
"One person fails, we all fails."
winning a seasonal basketball tournament.
post an undefeated record
But he didn't because he succeeded in making the team players realize the the terms of the contract and its importance in the real world.
One of the harsh comments faced by Ken Carter was when the principle of the Richmond school said:
"Your job is to win basketball games, Mr Carter. I suggest you start doing your job"
On which Mr. Carter replied:
"And your job is to educate these kids. I suggest you start doing yours."
"I came to coach basketball players and you became students."
"I came to teach boys, you became men."
Better Outcomes
Mutual Support
Sense of accomplishment
Its a must watch movie for those who want to see the power of teamwork in real world.
As demonstrated by the movie, a good teamwork results in:
Thank you :)
That's all
Best scene of Coach Carter related to teamwork
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