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Travel Guide to Byzantine Empire

No description

kyla king

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Travel Guide to Byzantine Empire

Travel Guide to Byzantine Empire
Famous Figures
Byzantine Was Born

The Byzantine Empire began when the Western Rome fell.
Justinian was a strong emperor in 527 and ruled until 565
Justinian's most important contribution was his code.
Married to Theodora.
Undertook a massive building program in constantinople.

Married to Justinian.
Recognized the right to women.
Her influences created laws protecting women and granting women greater benefits in divorce cases.
Justinian's code
Justinian's code summarized the laws of many provinces of the roman empire from the last 400 years.
The Orthodox Church
The Hagia Sophia

Belisarius was a general of the Empire
contributed to Justinian's project to reconquer Western Roman Empire
" Last of the Romans"
Bodyguard for Justinian & command of an army
Established by Jesus ChristIn his Great Commission to the disciples.
2nd largest church in the world
Majoriy populations:Belarus, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Macedonia , etc.
A great architectural beauty
Also known as the "Holy Wisdom".
1st church on site known as Magna Ecc Lesia.
Important monument for the Byzantine and ottoman empires.
Sevres as an Eastern Orthodox Cathedral and a seat of the Patriarchate of Constantinople dedicated to the "wisdom of Gods", and the "Holy Trinity"
The Beauty of Constantinople
Constantine identified this site as a place where an emperor could sit, readily defend, and have and easy access to the Danube or Euphrates frontiers.
His court supplies from rich gardens and sophisticated workshops.

Constantinople was the largest trade center in Eastern Mediterranean.
The city was built in Roman style but had Greek influences.
People debated issues involving icons ,such as Mary, Jesus, and other holy figures, and having to pray to them as idols.
The Vibe
Lasting value of civilization
The End
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