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Past, Present, and Future Technical Swimsuits

No description

Madison Frese

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Past, Present, and Future Technical Swimsuits

+Then technical suits give swimmers with average abdominal strength the sleek lines of a toned athlete without spending months building balance and core strength. + Speedo has polyurethane panels in suits that repelled water. +Technical suits compress your body in all the important places to make you hydrodynamic. + The water slicking action eliminates friction + further enhance the streamline effect. +The more streamlined your shape, the faster and easier you slip through the water when you swim. + Lumps, bumps and curves reset according to the compression panels in the suit Technical Swimsuits By Annabella Bates, Madison Frese, and Emma Gavlik Past Present Future Today's modern Suits Tension between companies
New advances in swimwear
New material being discovered Future of Technical Suits Suits were very heavy
They absorbed water
Restricted movement of swimmers
First full bodysuit made for competitive swimming in 1998
First multilayer full bodysuit was made in 2009
FINA banned high-tech composite swimsuits in 2010 New Arena Powerskin Carbon Pro Present Present- Tecnical Suits Did You Know? The Powerskin Carbon Pro is the first to have used carbon It is also thinner than hair. Competition Powerskin Carbon Pro http://www.arenapowerskin.com/powerskin-carbon-pro/ Link

. Extra

Arena created a swimsuit called the Powerskin which was 30% lighter than other swimsuits Carbon's stiffness give control to the human body
Considered revolutionary Speedo is appalled by Arena's new advances
First rivalry in swim history
Speedo's next suit will bring back their success
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