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Child Life & The NICU

No description

Tyler Robertson

on 3 January 2014

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Transcript of Child Life & The NICU

Child Life & The NICU
Child Life

What is Child Life?
Background in child development and family systems
What is child life?
What can child life do in the NICU?
Provide interventions to support normal growth and development
Supporting Normal Growth & Development
Developing Trust
Death & Bereavement Support
Preparation before Visiting NICU
Provide child development education for parents
Promote bonding between parents and baby
Sibling support
Sibling grief and bereavement support
Promote effective coping
Provide emotional support to patients and families
Encourage optimum development in the health care setting
Advocate for children's needs
What can child life offer the NICU?
Parent Education
Infant & Caregiver Bonding
Sibling Support
Attachment to Parents
Sensorimotor Experiences
Interacting with Baby
Supporting Siblings
Noticing & Responding to Cues
Infant Massage
Preparation for Visiting
Emotional Expression
Behavior Managment
Inclusion in Care
Encourage Parenting Confidence
Create Opportunities
for Parental Involvement
Toy Selection
Legacy Building
Parent Education
At Crib Side
Debriefing after Visiting NICU
Positive Touch
Daily Schedules and Routines
Environmental Considerations
Presented by Tyler Robertson, MA, CCLS, CIMI
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