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6+1 Traits of Writing

No description

Maura Whitman

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of 6+1 Traits of Writing

6+1 Traits of Writing Ideas form the MAIN POINT or TOPIC of a story or an essay. Ideas Plenty of INFORMATION
Details, details, details! Good Ideas Include... Organization is the ORDER in which ideas are presented. Organization A great opening HOOK to catch the reader's attention
An ORDER of ideas that is easy to follow
Transitions that link ideas together
A powerful CONCLUSION (a great ending) that ties it all up Good Organization Includes... Good writers choose their words carefully to get their message across. Words create meaning! GREAT word choices = IMPRESSIVE writing! Word Choice The BEST way to say it!!
Words that help the reader to picture what you are writing
Simple words used well
POWERFUL describing words
Lots of different, INTERESTING words!! Good Word Choices Include... Conventions include proper punctuation, spelling, grammar, capitalization, and paragraph indentation. Conventions Spelling with NO MISTAKES
Grammar with NO MISTAKES
Punctuation with NO MISTAKES Proper Conventions Include... Voice is the PERSONALITY in a piece of writing.

Think of your friends, family, and teachers. Do they all speak differently? Could you tell the difference between your Mom's voice and your best friend's voice with your eyes closed?

Writers all have unique WRITING VOICES too!! Voice Voice makes a piece of writing SOUND like the writer
Voice makes the reader want to read more
Voice is personal, individual

***Good writers CHOOSE what their writing voice will sound like based on their purpose and audience.***

(Would you write the same way if you were writing an essay or a letter to a friend? I hope not!!!) More About Voice... Sentence fluency is the way sentences are BUILT, and the way they FLOW in your writing. Sentence Fluency The sentences are EASY to READ ALOUD
The sentences are not all one length
The writer used DIFFERENT sentence beginnings. (They should not all start the same way!)
Well-built sentences More About Sentence Fluency... Presentation is how your final piece of writing LOOKS Presentation Neat and complete
Eye catching
You like what you see
You are proud
Ready to be handed in -- your very best work Presentation Should Be... Ideas Organization Word Choice Conventions Voice Sentence Fluency Presentation
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