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Warrior cats

No description

wolflover211 Livingstone

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of Warrior cats

Warrior cats
by Olivia Livingstone

A leader takes care of the clan and gets 9 lives. Whatever the leaders say is law. Deputies help the leaders they also give orders for patrols. Medicine cats take care of the sick or injured cats. They normally have apprentices and they go to the moonstone to talk to starclan with the other medicine cats.
prey and gatherings
Thunderclan's prey is mice, squirrels, voles etc. Shadowclan eats lizards, frogs, rats etc. Windclan eats rabbits. Riverclan eats fish. A gathering is a place where the four leaders gather in peace and they share there reports of there clans.
The Clans
What is a Warrior
A warrior is a tom or a she-cat fully grown. Some warriors get apprentices. They teach them until they become warriors. Warriors go on potrols if they find another cat from a different clan they they fight them in a fierce way.
apprentices and kits
A apprentice is a tom or she-cat that is over six moons. They get trained by there mentors which they receive when they get there apprentice name. Apprentices duties are checking the elders for ticks, collecting fresh moss for bedding and doing any errand a warrior, deputy, elder or medicine cat sends them on. A kit is a cat 6 moons or younger, they stay in the nursery with the nursing queens.
There is 6 clans. Thunderclan, Riverclan, Wind clan, Shadowclan, Skyclan, and Starclan. Thunderclan lives in the forest. Riverclan lives on a island on a stream. Windclan lives on a moor. Shadowclan lives in a moor/forest. Skyclan lives in a rocky terrain and Starclan lives in the sky. (they are heaven)
leaders, deputies and medicine cats
this is firestar
this is tallstar
this is bluestar
these are some warrior cat videos
these are some more videos
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