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Maryline Guillou

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

How the repartition between public and private services is made? Why Brest subsists? - Collaborative work

- Promote and develop networks of excellence in Brittany

- Bring out regional knowledge of navy and defense and to promote Britton companies

- Ensure the competitivity and the attractivity of Brittany

Twice objectives:
Keep the high qualification of Brittany
Develop the employment Privates companies and local authorities join their forces to further Brittany abroad. Brest
Defense and Security Cluster Clusters are an important factor in economic development.
The main objective of this presentation is to identify and portray a better understanding of the role of clusters in Brest, specifically in the field of maritime Defense and Security.
This presentation also describes the influence clusters have on several aspects such as the government, community, Information Technology and Education. Introduction IV. Actors & factors at stake actors Technopole Brest Iroise 1988: association of 30 members

Federates most of 200 structures:
- Enterprises
- Research centers
- High school
- Professional organisms
At stake:
to create partnership between the organisms
to develop the region by the innovation V. Sustainability of the cluster 2006: merger betwen Alcatel, French society
& Lucent, American society
Specialist of IP infrastructure and communication tools

At stake:
Efficient system in security and safety
Network of integrated communication:
Permanent connection between operation centers and emergencies team 1963
3 activities: aerospace system, underwater system and services
Markets: defense, security, aeronautic, transport.
At stake:
- Technologic tools for warship
Cutting edge technology
with fire control portfolio, warship modernization, innovation of operational life cycl support
- Technologic tools for sea
Leader in underwater system and maritime surveillance
ensure maritime security and safety II. Why did Brest become Brest ?
Once upon a time ... Very early, Roman people had understood the importance and the good position of Brest by building a castrum. Naval expert in architecture, construction, engineering and nuclear
for armed navies

shareholder: 64%, State and 36%, Thales.

At stake:
- Network
Development of activities portfolio
Collaboration with know-how and complementary experiences
- Regulations
Member of Common Industry Standard
Guarantee conformity of activities (anti-corruption, laws) III. IT and Education Formed general engineers in technologies and sciences of maritime
- Telecom Bretagne

Engineers will be experts of energy, transport and industrial system

At stake:
High formation recognized by enterprises
Prepare future engineers, creators of innovation in maritime technologies Engineer’s institutions Other clusters of defense in France Their cooperation: big opportunities to promote the French Navy Excellence in the international area - Briton clusters
- Strategic and geographical position
- Military bases
- Schools
- Companies The benefits of Brest to keep his rank of leader Information Technology
First satellite broadcast was made in Brittany.
 PBX digital technology was developed in the region
MP3 was developed by the Fraunhofer and Thomson Institute
World class Images and Networks Innovation cluster
HD Wireless was produced and broadcast in the region. Community of 8 cities
Sea and field
A large area for economics activities:
- farming
- fishing
- manufacturing
- shipyard for national defense Brest Metropole Oceane Others military bases included in Navy and Defense clusters in Brittany: Strategic geographical position
1st military port on Atlantic Coast
Department first’s employer
75% of region’s income
Main activity: shipyard
A city in the city
Partnership with local Enterprise The naval base Clusters are among the most relevant micro-economic factors that influence the levels of prosperity of a region.

This can be observed in importance placed on Education in Brest:
Young population: 25% aged less than 20 (more than 109,000 students)
Lowest unemployment rate in France - 8.1% Education I. Identification: BMO IV. Actors & Factors at stake The two big companies are Thales and DCNS but is more of 400 Breton companies who work in navy and defense sector. PLAN I. Identification: BMO
II. Why did Brest become Brest?
III. Education & information technologies
IV. Actors & factors at stake
V. Sustainability of the cluster R&D units and selective HE institutes with a global reputation:

L’Ecole Spéciale Militaire de Saint Cyr
L’Ecole Navale de Brest
L’ESAT (education and training)
IETR (electronics and telecommunications institute)
SUPELEC (information sciences, energy and systems) 1969: constructor of hydraulic and electric equipment
Good reference to maritime professionals, territorial collectivities and harbors

At stake: develop technologic products allow innovation and security for boats This castrum has
then evolved into a castle under
Brittany Ducs reign and became a British spot during the XIVe. This castrum can still be seen in the
actual Brest castle. A this time, the city itself does not exist yet, only a few streets and houses for British soldiers are built.
It is only by the end of the XVIth century that Richelieu leads some constructions that will slowly design the future port and more specially the military harbour. 1969: constructor of hydraulic and electric equipmentS

Good reference to maritime professionals, territorial collectivity and harbors

At stake:
develop technological products, allow innovation and security The direction of Brest as a war harbour will then continue under Louis XIV reign and his minister Colbert (in 1672 : 11 vessels, 21 000 mariners an13 000 soldiers).
... A strategic spot - Opened over the Atlantic Ocean

- Closed to British coasts

- Vast but with a narrow entrance

- Capable for submarines and big vessels the city has grown around its arsenal
And a historical destiny Thank you for you attention !

Questions ? Bombed & Sabotaged. Siam Street, Pre-WWII Siam Street, Post-WWII Rebuilt with a purpose. Léna Morizur
Maryline Guillou
Karell Guignon
Marc Deveau
Jennifer L'azou
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