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No description

john doe

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of weather

forecast Today 29 PARTLY CLOUDY 37 DEGREES
STILL FREEZING! WEDNESDAY SNOWY 44 SHOULD DROP TO FORTY BY TONIGHT F F Expected to rise two degrees ...A little sun but... Tuesday Thursday PARTLY CLOUDY 62 F about thirty degrees higher than Tuesday. FRIDAY Mostly
sunny 75 F Drastic increase in temperature,
much warmer. Saturday 40% chance of showers 57 F A little cool with mild showers Sunday Cloudy 50 F completely cloud covered Sun times Sunrise: Sunset: 7:17 am 5:27 pm Moon times Moonrise: Moon set: 7:17 am Tues. 8:15 pm Current moon phase waning gibbous WIND & DIRECTION 14 mph
N 10 mph
SSW 7 mph
S 20 mph
S 23 mph
WNW 9 mph
N CHANNEL NEWS 3 WAVE PERIOD: 5 SECS WAVE: 6ft. SW (228*) SEA STATE:Very rough 46*F WIND: 26 mph SW (235*) MARINE FORECAST 3 WAVE HEIGHT: 6ft. http://www.pond5.com/stock-footage/1017141/holiday-snow-scenic.html LIVE FEED FROM KETSE
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