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Pearl River Map

No description

Herp Derp

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of Pearl River Map

Kshav Ayer
Per: 5
Why does the Pearl Map River have spikes?
The Pearl Map River has spikes to protect it's self.

It also has it to probably show off to the female and to tell people not to mess with it even though it makes it look cuter.
How did they get there name?
It got its name because it was found in the Pearl River so they decided to name it the Pearl Map River Turtle.
Why is this Turtle so rare?
Why does it have spikes?
Where did the name come from?
How much and where can you buy it?
Pearl Map River Turtle
Pearl Map River Turtle
How are Pearl Maps rare?
These turtles are rare because of there habitat because destroyed.

They are also very rare because of there predators, they have many predators such as birds and other wild animals.

Another big reason is because they do not mate that often and when they do they do not make that many baby Pearl Map Turtles.

How much do they cost?
- These turtles cost 99-175 dollars
-This depends on what gender they are.
- How old they are.
- Just hatched usually costs cheaper because you have to take care of it more.
- Old ones are also cheap because they will die soon
- Middle aged are the ones that cost the most because they are ready to breed and are easier to take care of.
The End!
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