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London Fashion Week

No description

Stephanie Symo

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of London Fashion Week

PR Assignment 1 - London Fashion Week LONDON FASHION WEEK Recommendations Background & History 3.Identification of target audiences for the event Strategy: PR campaign success ? Make it more accessible to every day people
e.g Fashion Students.
Make the promotion/encouragement of healthy living a bigger part of the week. Lets Analys The media Enviroment.... PR Team Bad PR SWOT ANALYSIS OF LFW Good PR STRENGTHS LFW have a dedicated PR team who work with agencies in France and the USA to ensure that LFW have strong media coverage across the globe. Their aim: to boost awareness of LFW designers in their respective markets. (INTERNAL) Target Audience Attracts significant press attention
Is Attended by more than 5,000 press and buyers
Estimated orders of £100m last season
Well Establish event; in 29th year
High status due to major designers showing collections, celebrity presence and 'expensive' image As a collective London Fashion Week's targets audience are:
TV/Radio crews
photographers WEAKNESSES (INTERNAL) something to tweet about.... British Fashion Council's (BFC) :
Guest Programme 'Expensive' image makes event seem inaccessible to every day lovers of fashion on a budget - very elite audience OPPORTUNITES (EXTERNAL) - more attendees
- higher profile guests
- increased media coverage
- increased sponsorship
- increased public interest
- increased sales
- creates strong business relationships
- attracts professionals For the event in general: Major press coverage gives the event a huge platform to do good such as supporting charities and/or promoting up and coming British Designers
Negative press on size zero models could be capitalized on by encouraging designers to use a range of models and promoting plus size shows For the designers and brands: THREATS The British Fashion Council’s International Guest Programme ensures the most influential and relevant buyers and press visit London to meet London-based designers and view their collections. (EXTERNAL) Buyers Relation Team Core funding of £4.5 million may be at risk - argument about size of models being unhealthy
Competition from Paris New York and Milan - designers may show here rather than LFW Communications Contribution to Success The buyers relations team promote London Fashion Week and its designers to buyers worldwide. Catwalk and Exhibition designers are provided with the complete list of buyers that are registered / accredited to attend two weeks before the event starts. Target Audience : Conclusion Through both the buyers relations team, the PR team and the BFC’s guest programme it is ensured that the target audience for each show are there watching. With invitation only events this can be done with complete accuracy. The target audience are buyers and press from the UK and abroad. Those who will attend this year PR Activities to Communicate With Target Audience - Since 2010, Talk PR to act as strategic counsel to the CEO and Chairman of the british fashion council; the organizer of London fashion week.

- Aim -Secure & maintain London Fashion Week’s place as one of the ‘big four’ global fashion capitals

- Aim - Raise understanding of role & importance of British fashion industry to Brand Britain.

-Bacchus PR to act as artistic media relations for the event. Charity events Press conferences Discussions on blogs/websites Awards event Make employees more involved Work with local organisations + Whats the story ? London Fashion Week (LFW) is one of the highest profile fashion events in the world, putting UK fashion on the map.
LFW first took place in 1984
Its estimated over 100 million in orders are purchased at the event each season. Over 5,000 people visit from all over the world.
2010 - launch of the digital schedule Strategy: Evidence of PR Activity Mercedes Benz Evian Vodaphone Various different PR companies employed to act as consultants for the individual designers or brands that are represented during the event in terms of fashion shows and brand sponsorship: -Modus Publicity
-Pop PR -Talk PR
-Trace Publicity Digital live broadcasts have become the main focus for many of the major brands with links to social networks and therefore a massive market for their product. Have the aims been achieved ? - More visitors and interest
- More sponsors for the event
- Celebrity attendees and endorsement
- Much more media coverage
- Increase in industry interest
- British fashion houses still growing
- Influence and market for British brands -Snow PR
-Sassi PR
-Surgery PR Media Coverage & Campaigns References www.standard.co.uk/news/the-45-million-threat-to-london-fashion-week-6929576.html
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