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Uniform Approach to Concrete Floor Slab Moisture

Preventing moisture-related flooring adhesive failures

Conspectus, Inc.

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Uniform Approach to Concrete Floor Slab Moisture

Impervious flooring Moisture mitigation Concrete slab-on-grade Vapor retarder Compacted subgrade Ground moisture break Uniformly graded stone Maintain voids Water-cement ratio Lightweight aggregate Fly ash and slag Fast-track schedules ASTM E1745 sheet membrane ASTM E1643 installation Metal deck at elevated slabs Epoxy coatings - topical Silicate compounds - topical and admix Polymer compounds - topical overlay Crystalline waterproofing - admix Hydrophobic compound - admix Moisture testing ASTM F1869 calcium chloride test ASTM F2170 relative humidity test photos courtesy Duraamen website Weigh the test container Clean substrate, open test container Place test kit, tape seal to floor Let stand, undisturbed for 72 hours Cover, reseal, and reweigh test container Wagner in-situ sleeve and probe Viasala Relative Humidity Test Kit Epoxy terrazzo Resinous Sheet rubber or vinyl Carpet with impervious backing Uniform Approach to Concrete Floor Slab Moisture Surface prep ASTM D4259 mechanical cleaning Abrasive blast Shot blast ICRI concrete surface profile (CSP) CSP 1 Acid Etched CSP 2 Ground CSP 3 Light Shot Blast CSP 4 Med Shot Blast CSP 5 Med-Heavy Shot CSP 6 Heavy Shot Blast CSP 7 Heavy Shot Blast CSP 8 Extreme Shot CSP 9 Extreme Shot Contract requirements Allowance Unit price Owner testing Contractor/Subcontractor testing pH test Dedicated subcontractor Each flooring subcontractor Single solution entire project Individual solution for each flooring installer 3 lb/1000 sf/24 hours 75% - 80% maximum 7 - 9 maximum Reported Problem Slabs Conspectus Project Slab on grade
3 elevated slabs 14 total RH moisture tests
5 at grade
3 on each elevated slab Test Results
Low: 91.1%
High: 98.6% Specified Max RH: 75% Group Member Project Spec did not require testing Submitted product data required testing No testing performed Subcontract required substrate inspection and acceptance Subcontractor issued acceptance statement Arguments ensue...
GC says sub was responsible for testing
Sub says not so; testing was not specified
Submittal is not contract document
Do manufacturer's instructions govern Floor tile has adhesive failure Poured 12/11 - 02/12
Enclosed 09/12
Normal & lightweight
With fly ash
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