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Bryce Bucholz

on 1 April 2015

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Transcript of Leadership

1) Leadership style of William Wallace

2) Leadership style of King Edward
Organizational Culture
Managerial Styles
King Edward:

William Wallace:
Human Relations & High Involvement

Leadership and Management in Braveheart
Management Styles
Organizational Culture
High Involvement
King Edward dictates orders and his subordinates listen.

The chain of command starts with King Edward.

English's success depends on their troops' organization.
The Scots recognize Wallace and his captains for their contributions.

Wallace inspires his people through his speeches.

Lead by Example:
Wallace does not squabble with the Scottish nobles.
Both English and Scottish nobility
Strictly enforced rules and positions
Centralized decision-making
Human Relations
Esprit de Corps:
The Scots have a sense of camaraderie, especially amongst Wallace's inner circle.

William Wallace inspires his followers to believe in :
Himself as their leader
Scotland's freedom
William Wallace - Informal Leader:
Leads by example/inspiration

High-risk, fast response decisions
Experimental tactics, particularly in battle and guerrilla tactics
Observable Artifacts
Legend of William Wallace
Wallace puts value on all allies: commoners and lords alike
Close ties among core group
Leadership Style
King Edward - Formal Leader:
Personal power and influence through fear and control
People vs. Task Oriented Leader
Bryce, Giavanna, Karen, Monica, Steven
William Wallace exhibits people-oriented leadership behavior. He shows concern and respect for the people he is fighting with.

King Edward is more concentrated on task-oriented behavior, regardless of the consequences.
Personal Characteristics
of a Leader
King Edward:
Energy, Education, Self-confidence, Desire to Lead, Decisiveness
Goldberg's Traits: Neuroticism & Conscientiousness
William Wallace:
Energy and Stamina, Judgment, Sociability, Interpersonal Skills, Persistence against Obstacles, Integrity, Honesty
Goldberg's Traits: Openness & Extroversion
Main Characters
Main Characters: William Wallace, King Edward the First, Princess of Wales, Robert the Bruce.
Thirteenth century Scotland
Wallace leads the first War of Independence against England for many years.
Robert the Bruce betrays William Wallace.
William Wallace is captured and killed by the English.
Many years later Robert the Bruce leads a Scottish army and wins Scotland its freedom.
Plot Summary
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