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What is Unfair

No description

liam friedman

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of What is Unfair

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
What is Unfair
People in America are not getting paid and told not to come to work even if they are not fired, this is happening to unessential services (due to their debt). E.g. Libraries, Museums.
Money distribution is unfair, most people have insufficent funds to live off.
What is fair?
College and professional sports continue to provide unequal funding for women. Paying men more for the same sport gives women in the sport less incentive to push themselves and discourages future female participation in the sport.
Wealth distribution-Everybody
Jobs-Me, Expert, Family
Kids-Me, Other
Racism-Expert, Other, Family
"Bullying affects me the most" because I am a teacher

Too few people own most of the wealth of the world
Homelessness, People live in mansions and on streets in the same suburb sometimes
Child labour kids 7+ should not be forced to work in sweatshops or do physical labour.
Nepotism is unfair. Nepotism is an unfair advantage given to people that have friends or family in high places e.g. The best candidate for the job, is unsuccessful. The job is given to a relative or friend of the employer.
When really smart foreigners come to Australia that have good degrees (e.g. medicine.) Not all employers recognize most foreign degrees.
international inequality is when the wealth of countries are very far apart, like America and London or Cambodia and Australia
Evidence to support your point of view
All participants gave some form of evidence with their answer to "what is unfair".
All people gave a reaction when I asked "what is unfair".
Friends,family and other gave me questions.
What is fair?
Why are people racist?
Why do people bully?
Everybody had a perspective when I asked "what is unfair?".
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