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The Leader in Me Book Study

Chapter 4 Aligning for Success

Richele Dunavent

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of The Leader in Me Book Study

Facilitator: R. Dunavent LT: I can collaborate and write my
ideas for alignment at Sugarloaf. A.B. Combs realized they were not prepared to embrace the changes needed to implement the leadership theme. They lacked "alignment". see p. 72 Four of A.B. Combs' "midsized" arrows includes:
bringing people "on board" with the new theme - staff, parents, ALL stakeholders
aligning the school's structure to match the strategy - schoolwide leadership roles
training the staff in the 7 Habits and quality principles - 2 year process
aligning the reward systems so that the right outcomes would be reinforced and sustained - the leadership theme has helped with classroom management and school wide discipline "Who will do what" is a big part of alignment. http://play.simpletruths.com/movie/212-the-extra-degree/ LO: Listen, discuss, & write responses to discussion questions. Based on our Sugarloaf values,
We are growing learners and
leaders by teaching the whole child, how well are our "arrows" aligned? In what ways are we missing the target? What do we need to do to hit our mark?
What can you do as a parent/teacher to help promote Sugarloaf's leadership strategies?
Give One, Get One activity. 212: The Extra Degree The Leader in Me
Chapter 4 - Aligning for Success Ticket-out-the-Door - what "simple truth" did you get from this video? Complete foldables in groups. Share with whole group! Alignment A.B. Combs Who? Simple Truths
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