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NFL History

No description

C Meyer

on 16 September 2015

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Transcript of NFL History

Pro football = most popular sport in America
NFL = National Football League
Most valuable and profitable sports business in the world
Super Bowl has become the most popular annual event in pop culture

America's Sport
in Numbers
More than 17 million game tickets in 2008
3/4ths of Americans watch at least one NFL game on TV

Not Always #1
Founded in 1920
Struggled to establish stability and legitimacy
Competed for fans with boxing, college football, and baseball

Founded by 4 teams:
Akron Pros
Canton Bulldogs
Cleveland Indians
Dayton Triangles
The franchise fee was $100 (worth about $1000 today).
43 teams went defunct in the league's first 12 years

Humble Beginnings
Good business decisions
1958 Superbowl
“The Greatest Game Ever Played”

Struggling Sport Unstoppable Game
Pittsburg Steelers
Greenbay Packers
NFL's first true dynasty
wins include: five league championships an the first two Super Bowls
transformed little Green Bay, Wisconsin, into "Titletown"

greatest team of the 1970s
won four titles after the Packers
explosive defense was nicknamed the "Steel Curtain"

San Francisco 49ers
in the 1980s the 49ers became the NFL's elite team
known for their West Coast Offense—an attack based on precise, short passes
won five Super Bowls in a 13-year span

Dallas Cowboys
As the 49ers went into decline in the 90s, the Dallas Cowboys became the league’s dominant force.
Won three championships in four years.

and Economy
The World's Richest Sports League
Most Profitable Sports Leagues
NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle saw the rise of TV as an opportunity for football.
Football makes for good TV:
dramatic nature
bursts of violent action
peaks of tension
Frequent breaks = lots of commercial time = LOTS of $$$
TV + Football...a match made in heaven
Nov 17, 1968: The Heidi Game
NBC cuts away from the final minute of a game to begin airing the movie Heidi.
The Raiders score two touchdowns in a 42-second span to win 43-32.
The NFL will always include a clause in its TV contracts that requires broadcasters not to cut away from games
2012: Super Bowl XLVI
Most watched TV program of all time: 111.3 million viewers

Jan 23, 1984: Apple Ad
debut of one of the most famous television commercials ever: Apple Computer's "1984" ad
begins a new era of sophisticated Super Bowl ads
1939: First Televised Game
An NFL game airs on TV for the first time
It is unclear whether anyone actually watched the broadcast.

1960: NFL Signs with ABC
Signs a five-year TV contract with the ABC network
Money in TV
The NFL gets $28.2 million for two years on NBC.
Football and Television
Volkswagon “The Bark Side” (2012)
Google “Parisian Love” (2010)
Budweiser “Wassup?” (2000)
There are fewer weddings in the US on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day of the year.
Kansas City Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt came up with the name "Super Bowl" after watching his kids play with a Super Ball,
an extremely bouncy rubber toy.
More than 30,000 tickets to the first Super Bowl went unsold,
The game was played before a stadium that was almost half empty.
Janet Jackson's nudity-revealing "wardrobe malfunction" during the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show led to "Janet Jackson" becoming the most-Googled internet search term of all time.
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