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Deliver Life thank you to the water industry

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WaterAid WIP

on 18 May 2016

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Transcript of Deliver Life thank you to the water industry

Life at Kiomboi hospital in Tanzania has changed forever. And it's thanks to supporters like you.
Deliver Life highlighted how unsafe water and an unclean environment put mums and their babies at risk. Through the appeal we wanted to reach families around the world with safe water.
Our partners over at Faversham House helped us tell the story about the links between maternal health and access to water and sanitation

Companies also featured some of our great content throughout their website, like the Anglian Water webpage below. They also included a blog from one of their directors in support of the appeal.
As Deliver Life picked up pace in November, work started at Kiomboi hospital.

You promoted the appeal
on your websites:
Companies including Severn Trent, Thames Water and Anglian Water featured banners on their homepages.
Staff at Environment Agency offices around the country brainstormed ways to support the appeal and held a multitude of activities including barn dances, World Toilet Day quizzes, cake sales and Christmas jumper days.
Quiz winners (and losers!)
WaterAid cake sale
Every day, thousands of mums-to-be, like Uchiya in Ethiopia, are risking everything for dirty water.
When we first met midwife Juliana at Kiomboi hospital in Tanzania, the stakes couldn’t have been higher. Without enough safe water to wash with and to keep the wards clean, the risk of deadly infections like sepsis was all too real.
There were some challenges to face, including heavy rains and sub-surface water. But together with local partners - SEMA and the Iramba District Council -
WaterAid began work to
connect a supply of clean
water to the maternity ward, labour room, lab building
and theatre room, and
to install bathrooms
and toilets.
On 10 November WaterAid launched a very special appeal.
Thank you to everyone who promoted #DeliverLife on social media...
In November, you used laughter to talk seriously about sanitation - with comedy quizzes, 'spend a penny' promos, comedy nights and more!
Affinity Water staff were among those of you who drank Just Water in January....
Affinity Water Christmas fundraising
Northumbrian WaterAid Sporting Dinner
The water industry got behind the appeal and your support has been incredible!
In total, individual donations from water industry fundraising raised...
which will be doubled by
the UK Government!
Severn Trent's Black and White ball featured entertainment by comedian Patrick Kielty, while guests also enjoyed sweet trolleys, casino games, paparazzi photos and a night of dancing.

The event raised more than
for the Deliver Life appeal!
Credit: Clark Smith-Stanley, Profile Studios Photography

We were blown away by your support!
Auctions of Promises
Wessex Water, Bristol Water and Bournemouth Water race night
Cake sales
Thames Water Snap-a-crackers
South Staffs dinner dance
Anglian Water bake off
Southern Water dress-down day
Natural Resources Wales tuck shop
MWH quiz and dress-down day
Pipeline Guild dinner donations
MWH healthy eat breakfast
Goodwater LTD raffle
Christmas jumper days
Hydro International bake sale
Thanks to you, life at Kiomboi hospital has been transformed and midwives like Juliana can Deliver Life safely with access to clean water.
There was also some amazing corporate support, and some companies doubly matched donations... wow!

Credit: WaterAid/ Eliza Powell
WaterAid/ Anna Kari
WaterAid/ Anna Kari
WaterAid/Mustafah Abdulaziz
Welsh Water swap-shop
IOW Welsh Awards night
an incredible
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