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4.03 The Decision

No description

Breanna Williams

on 3 May 2014

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Transcript of 4.03 The Decision

4.03 The Decision
What made me come to my decision is that the fact that the guy had drugs not only in his home but also his car. What if he had been selling the drugs? Number one having drugs on you period is illigal and second possibly selling them is worse. I think the man should serve his punishment for what he had done.
I choose strict interpretation. The man was proven to have drugs on him therefore he should pay for what he has done wrong.
The factors that lead to that is because i am a student and i see these younger kids and not only kids but even younger teens and they are afraid to voice what they believe and be proud of it because they were raised the believe children are seen and not heard. As for me i was always more rebellious so ive always spoken on what i believe.
Hazelwood v Kulhmeier
I Breanna Williams side to dissent with the majority opinion of Hazelwood v Kulhmeier.
I choose a loose interpretation because i think kids should be able to speak what they think and voice opinions at a young age because as they grow and mature they will be confident and steady in what they speak for creating a better generation and will also help them learn to back up what they believe and why.
T.M. v State of Florida
I Breanna Williams support the majority opinion from the case T.M. V State Of Florida
I side with the majority because i would have dropped it all together. They never finished the case and the man had no help.
I agree with the dissent because i think everyone should have a voice including students. Schools should let students express themselves nomatter what the age and not be allowed to censor articles unless it is improper .
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