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Ben Kwon

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Arizona

By: Ben Kwon Arizona My state I'm doing today is Arizona. It first entered the state in Feburary 14, 1914. When Arizona Entered The Union Map of Arizona California Utah New Mexico Nevada The state bird for Arizona is the Cactus Wren. Arizona's Bird As you can see, Arizona's flag has 13 red and yellow stripes. That represents the original 13 colonies. The bronze star means that Arizona mines out the most bronze in the nation. Arizona's
Flag Arizona's Seal Arizona's seal looks like this. If you look closely, it says Ditat Deus. That means God Enriches. Ditat Dues is Arizona's motto. Arizona's state tree is the Palo Verde. Arizona's Tree Arizona's state gemstone is turquoise. Arizona's Gemstone The most popular nickname that Arizona has is The Grand Canyon State. Another nickname is The Copper State. Arizona produces 2/3 of all the nations copper. Arizona's Nicknames Arizona is known for making computer parts, building supplies, and dairy foods. Manufactoring
Products Biggest Cities
1. Phoenix
2. Tucson
3. Mesa
4. Chandler
5. Glendale
Can't find Mesa Grand Canyon Other Minerals Other minerals found in Arizona are silver, molybdenum, gypsum, and gold. Molybdenum John Sidney McCain the 3rd was born on August 29, 1936. He went to serve as a ground attack aircraft in 1958. McCain almost died in war during the USS Forrestial Fire. McCain was shot down in war during 1967 and was taken prisoner of war until 1973. In 1981, McCain retired from being a navy captain and moved to Arizona. Famous Person
From Arizona McCain was elected into The House of Representatives in 1982. Then was elected into the U.S. Senate in 1986. John McCain tried to be president in 2000, but was beaten by George W. Bush. He tried again in 2008 but was beaten by Barak Obama. Arizona's state flower is called the Saguaro. Arizona's
Flower Plants Please remember to comment!!! The Manufactoring Parts Arizona's fossil is petrified wood. Arizona's Fossil Arizona's song is called "Arizona's March Song." The words were by Margaret Rowe and the music was by Maurice Blumenthal. Arizona's Song End Arizona has many plants such as ponderosa pine, aspen, cottonwood, blue spruce, walnut trees, poppies, mesquite tree, and the joshua tree. Arizona is home to many different types of animals. But I will name you some of them. Animals Arizona's population is a pretty large number. It ranks 16th in the USA. The population is about 6,392,017. Arizona's
Population Roadrunners Mountain lions Desert Tortoise Vulture Badger Javalinas Western Diamondback Rattlesnake Arizona's butterfly is the Two Tailed Swallowtail Butterfly Arizona's Butterfly Arizona's Mammal Arizona's mammal is the Ringtail. Arizona's fish is the Apache Trout Arizona's Fish Nosed Rattlesnake Arizona's Reptile Arizona's reptile is the Ridge- Arizona's amphibian is the Arizona Tree Frog Arizona's Amphibian Arizona ROCKS!!! ABOUT...
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