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stolen generation

stolen generation

Tak Shinmi

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of stolen generation

the stolen generatIon when why who where how why the 'stolen generaIon poLIcy'? Indigeous people would become
socialized into white society. Children would be trained to act
white, think white, believe white
and speak white. The policy was justified on the
grounds that the children were being
neglected or had become uncontrollable.
Taking them away would be good for them
and for society as a whole. Assimilation and socialasation
into white society gradually destroy
indigenous calture and identity. indigenous people would, it was hoped, grasually be 'bred out'. This was certainly
the view of Western Australian Chief Protector of Aboliginies, A.O. Neville. when was the term of stolen generatIon? where the CHILDEN were focIBILY taken? church state InstItutIon whIte FamIlIes whAT WHAT WAS THE STOLEN gENERATION? The 'stolen generation' refers to those indigenous people
who were focibily taken away from their parents ant made
to live in church or state institution or were forced or adopted
by white families. who were the stolen generatIons? 100,000 IndIgenous chIldren how were the chIldren taken? taken by..... poLIce manager All that was needed for a child to be taken
from their parents was for a reserve manager
or a policeman to consider it necessary. 1886-1969 what was the opInIon of AustralIan? how Is It started? The first policy in practice is Aboriginal Protection Act 1869
which was practiced in Victoria. Since 1960, the Australia Abpliginie
Organization had been propounding this policy. This policy affected the
Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent in Victoria. how the australian government apologized them? on 13 fabruary, the Australian government apologized to the 'stolen generation' for hte first time.
The Prim Minister, Kevin Michael Rudd, apologized to them on behalf of Australia. The policies to separate the aboliginal children from their parent
were practiced to maintain the pure blooded Aboliginal people.
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