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Rapist and serial killer

Deric Link

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of JOHN WAYNE GACY

AKA "THE KILLER CLOWN" John Wayne Gacy hard working business man
married Marylnn Myers
worked for his father in law
very active in the community
threw abunch of parties
dressed up as a clown Who was he? 1968 gacy was indicted in Black Hawk county for raping a teenage boy named Mark Miller
Gacy denied saying miller was willing, in order to earn extra money.
4 months later, Gacy hired someone to beat up Miller
Gacy soon pleaded guilty to sodomy Jail Time #1 Was sentenced to 10 years
Got let out after 18 months for good behavior Jail Time gacy was hedonistic and was in for lust
Gacy was a sick man and targeted teenage boys
Gacy's targets were anywhere from 9-20 years of age Who did he target? THE CRIMES!!
HOW DID HE DO IT? Most of the boys he got either worked for him, was invited to his parties, or he picked up randomly as well as made plans to pick up.
he would knock out the boys with chloroform and then shove their undergarments down their throat.
he raped them, the guys usually suffocated and died.
kept momentos from each victim The Bodies The bodies were buried underneath Gacy's house, in the crawl space.
The police did not find the bodies untill the 2nd investigation. Gacy's mistake! Gacy was caught by a guy he raped months before. Just got back from vacation.
was delighted to share some marijuana
Gacy shoved a chloroformed rag over Ringals face
Ringal woke up many times during the raping
woke up fully clothed under a statue in Lincoln Park Jeffrey Ringal February 6, 1980
Gacy admitted to raping and murdering over 30 guys.
Filed a insanity plea, Court ruled he was sane.
Febrary 24th the defense began
Gacy was found guilty and was executed!!! Trial
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