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Matthew Fairbank

on 27 May 2010

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Transcript of Xinjiang

Xinjiang September 11th, 2001 Since September 11, 2001, China has raised international awareness of Uighur-related terrorism and linked its actions to the Bush administration's so-called war on terror. What is a Uighur? Are Uighurs Terrorists? East Turkestan Islamic Movement
"The Chinese Government does not clearly differentiate between ethnic groups peacefully expressing disatisfaction with the Party and terroritst groups commiting violent acts in protest of Party policies" - George W Bush Why the Conflict? Fall of the Soviet Union
Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan
China has responded by promoting Han migration into the Xinjiang region, strengthening economic ties with the area, and cutting off potential sources of separatist support from neighboring states that are linguistically and ethnically linked with Uighurs Conflicts:
Han Migration
Cultural Suppression
Religious Oppression Han Migration:
1.2 Million Han Chinese migrate to Xinjiang
18.5 Million people total Income Disparity:
Life Expectancy of Han Chinese is 10 Years longer than Uighurs

Resource Consumption:
The migrating Han are consuming all the resources because they have jobs and are more wealthy than the Uighurs Religious Oppression: Islam - post 9/11 a negative connotation
Most Uighur Muslim groups practice Hanifi - the most open/tolerant Islamic school of thought Groups such as the East Turkestan Islamic Movement have begun violent protests including the bombing of a public bus , Police Station and several government buildings The U.S. Uighur Problem 9/11 invasion of Afghanistan
Capture of 17 Uighurs
Guantanamo Bay Detention Center U.S. State Department - Uighurs not a threat to the U.S.
U.S. Justice Department - Uighurs were in an al-Qaeda camp, dangerous China warns other countries to not accept the Uighurs
Threatens economic sanctions against those who do
Convention against Torture: Cannot send them back to China because they will be prosecuted and most likely executed Effects of the War on Terror
Previous separatist groups
Post 9/11 - Same groups are now Terrorists Amnesty International said recently that the Uighurs’ identity and well-being are being “systematically eroded” by government policies that limit the use of the Uighur language, restrict religious practices and foster job discrimination. It accused Beijing of arresting thousands of Uighurs on bogus terrorism charges.
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