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10 Significant Events


Brannon Evans

on 6 November 2009

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Transcript of 10 Significant Events

10 Life Events An event that really changed my life that I can remember, was my parents wedding. It was New Years Eve 1998. I had a new mom, and we were all taking pictures afterwards. It was my dad, my new mom, my grandparents, me and my uncle. Something smelled wierd and I wasn't sure if it was the place we were in, or if it was my uncle. This changed my life in a way that I hadn't realized. I again had two parents in my life who would take care of me, but It went farther than that. I also would stop seeing my biological mother as well. I soon forgot about it and life went on and got better. This lead to many other things in my life, good and bad. One of the first big event in my life was also somewhere early in 1998, im not sure what month, but I learned how to ice skate. I remember holding on to my dad's and grandfather's hands as they held me up by mine. Later on when I was about 4 I busted my head a couple times, which could explain alot, but I kept to it. I eventually was placed on a team shortly before my fifth birthday. Had I not learned to ice skate I would not have such a passion for it. If i hadn't learned and not played, I have no idea what my life would be like today. May 4th 1999, my mom had a baby. His name is Gabe, and he is my first brother. My parents had a crib set up for him in their room, and eventually he moved into mine. This changed my life because I now had brother to help take care of and to play with. We don't get along well, like normal brothers, but im glad I'm not an only child. Around August, 2001, I met a boy named Michael, and He wasn't too friendly at first. I found this out when he kicked me in the stomach and knocked the wind out of me. I learned a lesson here, that some people are jerks at first, untill you get to know them more. Mike and I became closer friends as the school year went on, and he was probably one of my first friends. So if I thought one brother was bad, my mom had another boy on July 21, 2002. They named him Dylan.I now have two brothers to take care of that are still a pain in the neck, but I'm glad my parents had another. My house would be alot quieter without Dylan. Now that I'm older, I have to take care of them more, and I am pretty much responsible for them. A few years after, my parents decided split. It was sometime early 2005. My brothers and I moved out with our mom. I was upset to have been taken away from my dad and I hadn't seen him much after. This completely changed my life. I was living off with my mom and brothers without my dad. So now I had more responsibilities, not only that but my mom stopped taking me to hockey, and it kind of stunk. We moved several times before moving into Cherry Hill, New Jersey, early 2007. I was upset that my parents split, and my life had taken a turn. I learned to like it there though, and made many friends. It changed my life though, because I had a completely new lifestyle. I was out doing more things, but my mom also put alot more restrictions on me then she had before. So it changed my life in a good and bad way. Things were'nt too great between me and my mom. We would always fight over stupid stuff, and it got annoying. April nineteenth,2009, i moved in with my dad. Living with my dad I have just as many restrictions, and more freedoms. I even get to go to hockey again. This was different because i went from living with my mom, back to living with my dad after several years. This summer was the first time i was actually able to get back out on the ice after a while. I really worked hard to get back up to where i should be, and it proved when i made the Keystone State Games hockey team.Our tournament was from July 31st to August 1st. It gave me a chance to go out, meet new people and really have fun. We took home the gold, having swept the tournament. It tought me that hard work, goes a long way, and pays off. A futursitic event that may change my life is if I make it to the NHL. Now everyone has their dreams and goals, and mine may seem out of reach but as Anita Defrantz said "Your goal should be out of reach, but not out of sight"(29 in agenda). If i can accomplish this, I would achieve a goal I've dreamed of. I'll be playing a sport i love, and make a living. It will definitley be a posotive change.
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