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My Passion

No description

Swathi Vadlamani

on 1 June 2013

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Transcript of My Passion

The information on the following musicians is sourced from research site Questia.com, which provided a comprehensive, factual and referenced account of each of the three composers.

Bach was taught in childhood by both his father and brother and had a passion for music. He was a boy soprano but from 1703 he began playing instruments, including violin and organ, which he performed and taught through his life. Some of his best known work includes St. Matthew Passion and St. John Passion. (Johann Sebastian Bach 2012)

Mozart was taught at a very young age by his father and was composing music before he was five. By the age of 13 he had written a large variety of music pieces including concertos, sonatas and an opera in 1769. Some of his best know works include The Marriage of Figaro, Symphony No. 40 and The Magic Flute. (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 2012)

Born in Bonn, Germany he learned music from both his musician father and local musicians. He studied further in Vienna with well recognised composers of the era and established himself with a reputation as a piano virtuoso. Some of his best know works include Symphony No.5 and Symphony No.9. (Ludwig van Beethoven 2012) Musicians Song from the Classical Genre Sourced on the Classical Music Only channel via YouTube.com, a channel sharing classical music with over 85,000 subscribers. (Classical Music Only 2008)
Johann Sebastian Bach: 1685 – 1750 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: 1756 – 1791 Ludwig van Beethoven: 1770–1827 (Questia.com 2013) 'The Marriage of Figaro' Mozart (mi9, 2010) (svconline, 2009) (adwomen, 2011)
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