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The Longest Ride

No description

Ka'lia Woodard

on 29 January 2015

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Transcript of The Longest Ride


Ira, Ruth, Sophia, Luke

Brian, Daniel's parents

Ruth, Brian, Daniel's parents
Black Mountain, North Carolina
-the inspiration for The Longest Ride was Black Mountain College, a liberal arts school, which developed a connection between the characters. "Ira and his wife, Ruth, were such a wonderful example of enduring love, I wanted to find a perfect counterpoint as an example of new love. And that’s how I came up with Luke and Sophia. Sophia was created to resonate with my college-aged fans, and Luke is really the quintessential All-American guy." (Nicholas Sparks)
Plot/Main Ideas
The Longest Ride tells the story of two couples. The first story is about Ira Levinson, an old widow who became stranded after crashing his car down an embankment . While struggling to stay alive, he relives his memories with his wife, Ruth. The second story follows the story of a young couple, Sophia and Luke. Luke is a country cowboy and Sophia is a city girl. Both have different paths and their love is tested when Luke is given an ultimatum between Sophia or riding.
The theme in
The Longest Ride
is love. It shows how true love can overcome the difficult times and can change people's lives for good or for bad.
Sophia gave Luke an ultimatum between riding or her so he would quit riding and not get hurt.
Ira bought Ruth many paintings that would help him remember his wife.
Luke bought Sophia a painting,which ended up bringing him a lot of money

The Longest Ride Trailer
The Longest Ride
Nicholas Sparks
Marcia, Ruth, Daniel

Ira, Sophia, Ruth, Luke

Ira, Sophia, Luke
I give
The Longest Ride a
4 out of 5 stars! It was a great love story and I loved how Nicholas tied the two stories together. However, I wish the story was centered more around, the young couple Sophia and Luke because I feel like I would relate more to them being young and finding a future together.
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