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The New Negro Movement

No description

Chi-Chi Osuagwu

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of The New Negro Movement

The New Negro Movement:
Expressions of Resistance, Saturated in Blackness.

The New Negro Movement & The Father of Harlem Radicalism

Oh Africa! : Artistic Expression
The Arts & Political Consciousness
Hubert Harrison
Militant Oratory Street Corners/Outdoor Talks & Free Speeches
Alain Locke
The New Negro Movement
The Black Literary Renaissance
The Harlem Renaissance
The New Negro Movement placed Africa at the center of the African American cultural landscape, and there it remains today.
Cultural Re-Vitalization and Ownership
Africa represented the opposite of inhibited, repressed Western civilization & Writers rooted black beauty and black historical significance in Africa.
En Fin!

Thank you
Women of the New Negro Movement
"let the musicians drown our sorrows with the merry jazz; while a race is in the making, and steadily moving on to nationhood and to power"
Amy Jacques Garvey
The New Negro

African American cultural and intellectual life during the 1920s and 1930s.

At the time, it was known as the "New Negro Movement", named after the 1925 anthology The New Negro edited by Alain Locke.
Centered in the Harlem
of New York City

Across Cultural Spectrums:
* drama
*visual art
* dance
Across social thought and black radicalism:
*political consciousness
*alternative paradigms associated with anti-imperialist
and anti-capitalist agendas
*racial pride and spiritual connections
Influence of the New Negro Movement
* Mass-based & radical movement

For equality, justice, opportunity, and economic power. This “New Negro” movement laid the basis for the Garvey movement.
8 years later "The New Negro"
Langston Hughes
The Negro
Speaks of
Aaron Douglas, Aspects of Negro Life #62: Song of the Towers, 1934, oil on canvas.
The Spirit of the New Negro
*Future of the New Negro
*Blackness as epistomological and ontological
*Collectivity and Wholeness

(Post poem: think of new manifestations of the Uncle Tom/House Negro [mentality] in Neo-Colonialism)
Billie Holiday -->
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Marian Anderson
"Deep River"
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