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human resource mangement

No description

abhishek sharma

on 18 September 2014

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Transcript of human resource mangement

Human Resource Management
By:- Abhishek sharma
kurt yao

What is human resource management
function within an organization that focuses on recruitment ,management and providing direction for the people who work in the organization
organizational function that deals with issues related to people
strategic and comprehensive approach to managing people and the workplace culture and environment.
strategic and comprehensive approach to managing people and the workplace culture and environment
Hire staff
The most important thing is hiring a right person for the position. For this , before the company hire a staff , they should have a job desirable on that position. Also , the company should have a induction for the employee.
Human resource planning process
Interfacing with strategic planning and scanning the environment
Taking an inventory of the company’s current human resources
Forecasting demand for human resources
Forecasting the supply of HR from within the organization and in the external labor market

Contracts Of Employment
There are three type of employment contract
This is negotiated with the union and applies to union members who meet the coverage clause.
This is negotiated directly with the employee
Fixed term
. The employee is employed for a specific period of time for a genuine reason e.g. to complete a particular project or to cover an employee on parental leave.
what is in the employment contract
position and duties
terms of agreement
hours of duty
wages/ salary
health and safety
holiday paid

The employment relation act
Good faith

Acting in good faith reduces the risk of conflict and problems. It is also a requirement of the Employment Relations Act. However, there are some key expectations of a good faith relationship
Employers, employees and unions should be responsive and communicative with each other
The employee’s employment agreement should reflect genuine discussion and negotiation.
The employee should have access to appropriate information when the employer is making
decisions that may affect his/her job.

at the end of our presentation we want to recommend that while hiring the staff brew bar house should follow the proper recruitment process and also they should hire a HRM also i recommend they they provide proper training to the staff and also they should provide proper contract to the staff and in the contract they should mention everything like hours of work, wages,holiday pay,position that all thing i recommend to the brew bar house
The role and purpose of human resource management for Brew house
The purpose of Human Resource Management is
To hire, train and develop staff
To hire the right person for the position of the company.
The application on Management theory
Management theory

A collection of ideas which set forth general rules on how to manage a business or organization. Management theory addresses how managers and supervisors relate to their organizations in the knowledge of its goals, the implementation of effective means to get the goals accomplished and how to motivate employees to perform to the highest standard.

Why is human resource management important
Human Resources describes the department of a business or company that basically focuses on the best interests of its employees.
It is crucial to the success of any business to implement HR techniques to its day-to-day operations as a means of providing the best possible working atmosphere for employees and managers
It also protecting the best interests of the company and increasing productivity to generate maximum revenues.

Human resource plan

Right number of people with right skills at place at right time to implement organizational strategies in order to achieve organizational objectives
In light of the organization ‘s objectives , corporate and business level strategies, HRP is the process of analyzing an organization ‘s human resource needs and developing plans, policies, and systems to satisfy those needs

in the Gastro brew house while they hiring the Simon and Annie they were not follow the human resource plan and also they don't have a human resource consultant in the Gastro brew house
Recruitment process
A Recruitment Process is an organization-specific model of how the sourcing of new employees is undertaken. Typically the ownership of the recruitment process resides within the Human Resources function, although again this may differ depending on the specific organizational structure
In gastro brew house
In the gastro bar they don't have a proper recruitment team they don't follow the proper recruitment procedure while hiring the staff
Soft HR Management
treats employees as the most important resource in the business and a source of competitive advantage. Employees are treated as individuals and their needs are planned accordingly
Focus of HRM:

concentrate on the needs of employees – their roles, rewards, motivation etc
Key features:-
Strategic focus on longer-term workforce planning
Strong and regular two-way communication

Treats employees simply as a resource of the business (like machinery & buildings)
Strong link with corporate business planning – what resources do we need, how do we get them and how much will they cost
focus of HRM :-
identify workforce needs of the business and recruit & manage accordingly (hiring, moving and firing)
key feature:
-Short-term changes in employee numbers (recruitment, redundancy)
gastro brew house

In gastro brew bar employment agreement they don't write about the wages and salary and also they don't mentioned about the hours of duty. it is a fixed term contract so they don't mentioned the start date and end date and also in contract they don't specify the position
Employment Relationship
Employment Relationship
Employee Relations involves the body of work concerned with maintaining employer-employee relationships that contribute to satisfactory productivity, motivation, and morale. Essentially, Employee Relations is concerned with preventing and resolving problems involving individuals which arise out of or affect work situations.

grievance procedure
The Employment Relations Act gives all employees the right to pursue a personal grievance if they have any of the following complaints:
unjustifiable dismissal
unjustifiable action which disadvantages the employee
sexual harassment (by someone in authority or by co-workers)
racial harassment
duress over membership of a union or other employee organization
disciplinary procedure
asses the problem and investigate
advise the employee you want to meet
meet the employee and tell them allegations
adjourn and consider what the employee said
advise employee you want to meet again
meet with the employee and give them your decision
In the gastro brew house
when Simon and Annie left the job they didn't follow any disciplinary procedure of employments relation and they left the job by calling. they have to follow the proper procedure while left the job
Employment relation act
Good employment relationships begin with a good recruitment process that ensures everyone has clear expectations about the role, working conditions and employment rights.
A clearly written employment agreement can help reduce the risk of misunderstandings.
Every employee must have a written employment agreement.
From 1st July2011,every employee must have a written employment agreement.

In Gastro Brew House

Mistakes conducted from the case
There were no induction process
The new recruits didn’t get to sign the agreement
No fixed working hours and wages
They do not have training

Employment Law affects the management of human resource
Human right act: Anti discrimination ,Provide fair employment, protect the employee’s right, to ensure that the employees can live properly through working

The Health and Safety in Employment Act

Here including a requirement for employers to identify and actively manage hazards in the workplace. To do this, it sets out a hierarchy of action where employers must follow a process of identification, elimination and isolation. If a hazard cannot be eliminated or isolated, the effects of the hazard must be minimized
Privacy act
The privacy act protects customers in term of keeping secrets and details of the customers. Making sure that the customer’s details must not be exposed
The minimum wage

There are three minimum wage rates:
the adult minimum wage applies to all employees aged 16 and over who are not new entrants or trainees
the new entrants minimum wage applies to employees aged 16 and 17, except for those who have completed 200 hours or three months of employment in the workforce, whichever is shorter; or who are supervising or training other workers; or who are trainees
the training minimum wage applies only to employees aged 16 and over who are doing recognized industry training involving at
least 60 credits a year.

minimum wages act
The minimum wage rates are reviewed every year. The current adult minimum wage rates (before tax) that apply for employees aged 16 or over are:
•$13.75 an hour, which is
•$110.00 for an 8-hour day or
•$550.00 for a 40-hour week

The minimum rates that apply to starting-out workers, and employees on the training minimum wage (before tax), are:
•$11.00 an hour, which is
•$88.00 for an 8-hour day or
•$440.00 for a 40-hour week.

Employment rights
•Health and safety
•Keeping records
•Minimum pay
•Paying wages
•Employment agreements
•Employment relationship problems
•Equal pay and equal rights
•Fixed-term employees
•Public holidays
•Right to work in NZ
Maternity and Paterinity rights
Mums-to-be can take maternity leave of 14 continuous weeks; starting up to six weeks before the date your baby is due
If any planning to take maternity leave, we must notify our employer in writing at least three months before your baby’s due date
Both employers and employees who want to know what they can and cannot do, as well as the things they have to do, in relation to paid parental leave
The Employment Relation Act UK
entitlement to an itemized pay statement
entitlement to the National Minimum Wage
that the terms and conditions of work must be set out in writing
protection against unfair dismissal at work

The Sex Discrimination Act
Protects employees against discrimination on the grounds of gender, for example:
in job advertisements
in selection of employees for jobs
in promoting employees
offering training and career development opportunities

The Equal Pay Act of 1970

Sets out that women and men should receive the same pay for doing the same type of work or ranked as being of the same value.

The Working Time Directive
Guaranteed all employees a maximum 48 hours working week, and a four week holiday. Employees can choose to opt out of the Working Time requirement and agree to work longer hours if they wish

In Gastro Brew Bar
In the brew house they didn't give health and safety training to their staff and also they didn't mention in the contract about break time and the salary and also they didn't mention about the wages rate.they didn't mention the proper hour of work they didn't follow the employment relation act
Job description
Job description is a written statement of what’s needed to do in a specific job. It must be provided along with the job’s title in the employment agreement. Job description must cover all the general tasks, skill needed and responsibilities of a position. It’s also what’s required in the employment act otherwise the contract is completely illegal
Brew House is a high volume business with a good reputation. You’ll need skilled recruitment with a good fit in a company’s culture. You must really be specific in your job description of what must the recruitment do. Also if it’s not in such a hurry in finding recruitment you should accept the recruits which is sharing the same goal with your company. For example, you can give more description after the job’s title such as for the waiter you must describe that the waiter must be able to serve food & beverages, pouring wine from the wine bottle, clean the floor, etc. For the chef you could be more specific such as the chef must be able to cook bakeries, European food or be able to do baristas
Person specification is the extension of job analysis.
Person specification should be including
Everybody may have their own limits of skill, but they can also have some trait which suit the position better than the others so it’s very important to put the right person the a suitable job so that person may be able to use his/her full potentials
Selection process
Selection process is mainly focus on “putting the right person in the right position”. It helps you make a decision of whose you should take as a recruitment. According to magenementstudyguide.com the selection process must include the procedures of
Preliminary interview- It’s used for eliminating those CVs who do not meet the minimum requirements.
Application blanks
Written tests
Employment interview
Medical examination
Appointment letters

In order to succeed the target of the company, the organization must has a well-performance, experienced recruitment and the most important thing is the recruitment should be aiming for the same goal with the organization.
Benefits of selection process
To find the most suitable person (enough skilled, experienced)
Make the best use of recruitment. (Utilization)
To maintain highly skilled staff to stay in the organization as long as possible
To make a Development of the new staffs.

Each different organization may has a difference way in the selection process depends on the suitability. Most of major sized organizations usually have a very variable ways of selection and it might even take more seriously than smaller companies.
Such as Hilton branches which might has a continuous training and the staff might get a training over and over again as it’s to protect the reputation of their hotel

Training & Development activities
Training process is the last of the recruiting procedures. It’s to make sure that the staff would be able to work in the real environment. Also training period is when both employer and employee can make the final decision if that recruitment is going to be suitable with the company before signing the full-time contract. The new recruitments shouldn’t go to the real working environment directly before the training process, because they might get some confusions about the software being used in the workplace and also the menu of food and beverages. Training is like a part of an induction process
Training & Development activities
In a sole proprietor business such as Brew House the training does’t need to be so much of confusion. All you might need to train your new staffs are to teach them how to serve in the right manners, train them how to greet customers, pouring water, the use of software in the restaurant, etc. Which they shouldn’t take so much time in training as much as in such a big organization.

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