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Lessons from the 2012 'Race Riot!' Tour

The POC (People of Color) Zine Project held its first tour in 2012, producing 20 events across 13 U.S. cities. This prezi reveals some of the key takeaways from our experience, which we're sharing publicly for the first time at #CZF2013.

Daniela Capistrano

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Lessons from the 2012 'Race Riot!' Tour

POC Zine Project presents: THE BEGINNING: SOME
OUTCOMES No budget
No established process to model
Touring members all over the map
No tour vehicle
No credit card
Everyone is busy
Varying touring experiences Consolidated resources
Partnered with ally groups & POC zine publishers
Challenged existing funding models within academic institutions to make room for us
Incorporated punk & DIY/DWO values
Trusted each other & our volunteer coordinators
Leveraged free digital tools to access resources, spread the word & tell the #raceriottour story HOW DID WE DO IT? Didn't partner with enough POC owned/run spaces
Not enough documentation (video and audio)
Accessibility issues (mobility, audio/visual, child care)
Not enough emphasis on self care/no plan in place
Tour prep time was too short (checked in 2/1/12, didn't kick off intensive planning until 6/12)
Didn't involve guest readers in every city
Daniela should have asked POCZP touring members for more help MISTAKES WE MADE 90-100% of sliding scale DIY/community events will take place in POC owned/run spaces, or have a strong history of supporting local POC
#IdleNoMore solidarity/partnerships in every city
More time to plan (starting in Dec 2012, eight month period)
Working group to prepare for accessibility needs at EVERY event
Wellness & Self Care coordinator
Dedicated documentation person/team
Dedicated driver
More dance parties
More breaks/resting between events
Accepting payments via credit card
Boys, Bois, & More: Including more masculine & gender variant energies
Rotating tour members & guest readers in every city
Adjusted rate card (charging more for academic events) for conference fund raising 2013 RACE RIOT! TOUR:
ESTABLISHED GOALS 20 events in total, 14 days on the road
13 U.S. cities reached
14 sliding-scale community events
6 paid academic speaking engagements at participating universities
100 additional POC zine donations/acquisitions
All touring members reimbursed for travel expenses
Logistics template for future tours
More partnerships & allies Lessons from the 2012 'Race Riot!' Tour REALITY THE DREAM Create affirming experiences for POC in academic & DIY/community spaces
Discover & share #poczines
Identify - and connect with - more collaborators, allies
Plant seeds
Have fun
Build toward 2015 National POC Zinester Conference FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE: Funds spent on the road to 13 cities: approx. $2034 (gas, food, etc.)
Funds made at 14 sliding scale events: $2193 ($0-595) DIY show revenue covered all on the road costs Misc. payouts on the road: $1198.20 Out of academic speaker fees, for bands and misc. costs Funds made through 6 academic events: $6,150 Pre-tour costs (travel, rentals, etc.): $5,182 We broke even! Sept 24 - Oct 7, 2012
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