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Sly Cooper

No description

Maddie Allen

on 3 June 2011

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Transcript of Sly Cooper

Sly Cooper Who is this Sly Cooper? I am SO glad you asked! Sly Cooper is the main character in the Playstation 2 video game series Sly Cooper. Here's his picture He is a master raccoon thief from a long line of master thieves called the Cooper Clan. Cooper Clan Crest Some members of the
Cooper Clan include.... Henriette "One Eye" Cooper Rioichi Cooper Thaddeus Winslow Cooper III And many,
MANY more When Sly was eight, a ruthless gang attacked his home, killing his father, and leaving Sly an orphan. Conner Cooper, Sly's father Sly was taken to the Happy Camper Orphanage, where he met his two best friends: Bentley The brains and
deomolitions expert Murray The brawn and
getaway driver Together they make up the Cooper Gang,
The most successful band of thieves EVER! As always, when there is a gang of thieves, there has to be a cop somewhere nearby Inspector Carmelita Montoya Fox is just that cop. She's been hunting the Cooper Gang for several years, and is always one step behind. Here's her picture* *Sorry about the creepish clothing;
it's just what she wears. Freak. :P As it is sometimes evident from his behavior, Sly has a "thing" for Carmelita, and it is possible that there is more between them then what meets the eye. At the moment, there are three main games: Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, Sly 2 Band of Thieves, and Sly 3 Honor Among Thieves. There are a few side games with Sly in them, and a future Sly game on the way. Sly Cooper and
the Thievius Raccoonus Sly's house was raided by a gang known as the Fiendish Five, which included Sir Raleigh The Frog Muggshot Mz. Ruby The Panda King Clockwerk They came to steal...... The Thievius Raccoonus The Cooper's sacred family guide that has been passed down for generations They tore the book into five pieces and split up, each villain dissappearing to the farthest corners of the world to comit dastardly crimes Sly, Bentley and Murray pledged to retrieve the Thievius Raccoonus together And they did just that. They defeated the Fiendish Five one by one, retrieving pieces from the Thievius Raccoonus, from Raleigh to The Panda King, until they got to Clockwerk Chief Machinest Ruthless Muscle Voodoo Priestess Demolitions Expert Leader On the way to Clockwerk's hideout, Sly began to notice something....... In the four parts of the Thievius Raccoonus they had discovered so far, several of the pictures depicted a shadowy owl-like figure, which looks very similar to the police images of Clockwerk Is this a strange coincidence, or is there something we're missing? It turns out Clockwerk has been alive for hundreds of years, taking out Sly's ancestors one by one from the very beginning How did he live for so many years? He replaced his mortal body with soulless machinery....... Before After ......And lived off of hatred for the Cooper Clan, which was stored in the Hate Chip Sly took down Clockwerk with the help of Carmelita and her jetpack *I didn't draw this* And the Thievius Raccoonus is fully restored But, was it really that easy to destroy that much hatred? Is this really the end of Clockwerk? Or will he return? But the Cooper Clan only steals from master criminals, and not from regular people like you and me Sly 2: Band of Thieves Two years after the incident with Clockwerk, Sly finds out that the remains of Clockwerk were taken to a museum in Cairo However, when Sly arrives, he finds that someone has already stolen the parts before him! Sly also learns that Inspector Carmelita Fox has a new assistant Constable Neyla Neyla hints to Sly that a gang know as the Klaww Gang more than likely stole the Clockwerk Parts So Sly, Bentley and Murray set out to take the Klaww Gang down. They started off with Dimitri Art forger and counterfeiter Dimitri was in possession of the Clockwerk Tail Feathers, which he was using as printing plates for his printing press Next up, Rajan Rajan had the Clockwerk Wings, which he was showing off at a ball he was holding at his palace However, after Sly made off with the Wings, Rajan fled and went into hiding Later, Sly dicovered Rajan had got ahold of the Clockwerk Heart, and was using its powers to mass produce illegal spice in a long forgotten temple deep in the jungle Sly caught up with Rajan, but unfortunately Sly was knocked out while fighting Rajan, and Murray had to take over Murray beat up Rajan, and retrieved the Clockwerk Heart, but his triumph was interrupted by Carmelita, Neyla, and The Contessa A high-ranking prison warrent working for Interpol Neyla, who had been helping the Cooper Gang a bit up to this point, betrayed them right on the spot by turning them in Neyla also managed to convince the Contessa that Carmelita had been working with the Cooper Gang all along, and Carmelita was arrested as well Bentley watched this horrible scene unfold from above, and realized that he was all alone After tireless searching, Bentley found that Sly and Murray were locked up in Prague, where the Contessa's prison was Bentley was able to break Sly and Murray out of jail, and the gang was reunited once again They also found out that the Contessa was a secret member of the Klaww Gang, and that she was in possesion of the Clockwerk Eyes, which she was using to brainwash Carmelita! Sly saved Carmelita and retrieved the Clockwerk Eyes, and this brought him to the next member of the Klaww Gang Jean Bison Shipped illegal spice for the Klaww Gang Jean Bison had more than his share of the Clockwerk Parts, including the Lungs and the Stomach, which he was using to keep his trains running all night and all day without stopping Sly retrieved the Parts, but learned later that Jean Bison also possesed the Clockwerk Talons, which he was using at a lumber camp to chop down trees Sly and the Gang got caught while they attempted to steal the Talons, and were thrown into a locked room Bentley managed to squeeze out through a small hole and fought Jean Bison, where he learned that Jean Bison had stolen all the Clockwerk parts the Cooper Gang had gotten and sold them all to his mysterious partner Arpeggio A mastermind who unfortunately cannot fly due to his small size Arpeggio was furious with his feeble body, and focused his powerful mind to search for a cure, and that's when the Klaww Gang took him on as chief inventor Arpeggio was in possesion of all the Clockwerk Parts, and it wouldn't be long before he put them back together..... And Clockwerk would return! There was no way, no how Sly was letting that happen, and he found a way to sneak onto Arpeggio's airship to get the Clockwerk Parts back When Sly got there, he found that Clockwerk was already put together, but was completely inanimate and not moving He also found that Neyla was working with Arpeggio all along! Which meant that she also was a secret member of the Klaww Gang! Sly attempted to pull Clockwerk apart, but it completely backfired and locked the Parts into place! Arpeggio was truely grateful for this, and told Sly that he planned to join himself with Clockwerk's frame and become immortal However, just as he was about to enter Clockwerk, Neyla intercepted and jumped into Clockwerk instead Neyla called this new formation "Clock-La" and she killed Arpeggio and flew out of the blimp window Sly knew things looked grim, but he and Bentley and Murray worked together to weaken Clock-La to a state where they could attack, and Carmelita arrived in a helicopter to help take down Clock-La Sly and Carmelita were able to shoot Clock-La down, and they were able to destroy the Hate Chip, eliminating Clockwerk for good However during this process, Bentley was horribly injured by Clock-La's beak falling on top of him, and he was from then on paralyzed from the waist down The Clockwerk Parts aged before their eyes as if time had finally caught up with the ancient bird; the menace of Clockwerk would never again rise to threaten Sly After all this trauma, Carmelita informed Sly, Bentley and Murray that they where all under arrest Sly offered to go peacefully in exchange for letting his friends walk away Sly went with Carmelita in a helicopter, where they ended up talking for two hours Carmelita realized this, and went forward to ask the pilot what was up, since it was only supposed to be a short flight across town It looked as if Bentley and Murray had rigged the plane to fly in circles, and much to Carmelita's annoyance and surprise, when she turned around, Sly was jumping out of the helicopter with his paraglider, getting away Floating away on the night breeze, Sly could faintly make out Carmelita's voice..... "I'll find you Cooper!" Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves
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