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BAD Stewards

No description

tim mcdonald

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of BAD Stewards

BAD Stewards
What impact have humans had on the Environment?

You need to gather knowledge and information regarding a specific example of bad ‘stewardship’ currently in the world.
I want you to use the www.Greenpeace.org.uk website (‘what we do’ section) as the key link to finding information concerning one of these issues:
1. Climate Change
2. Forests
3. Oceans
4. Nuclear Power
5. Peace
6. Genetically Modified food
7. Toxic Chemicals
I want you to produce a section on this prezi covering detail on your particular environmental issue.
You need to cover:
1. Quick facts about the issue
2. What are the Problems?
3. What are the solutions?
Extra credit for information that specifies what can be done by:
• Individuals-i.e you and me
• Countries/ Governments
• The entire World/ Global

Extension credit work:
What are the particular Environmental issues faced in/ facing Thailand?
Outline the work of a religious organisation that is working towards a sustainable future.
Explain a successful campaign that Greenpeace has been involved in.


Pie, Jasper
Quick Facts!
Oceans absorb 80% of greenhouse gases and 50% of the carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere
Oceans absorb about a million tons of carbon dioxide per hour. In its natural state the ocean is alkaline, but with the absorption of too much carbon dioxide, it is becoming more acidic
only 4% of the world’s oceans are considered pristine—meaning they are untouched by human contamination—and 40% are strongly affected by pollution.
What are the problems?
Unsustainable fishing
76% of the world's fisheries are already fully exploited or overfished, while billions of unwanted fish and other animals die needlessly each year. Unsustainable fishing is the largest threat to ocean life and habitats ... not to mention the livelihoods and food security of over a billion people.
Tourism & development
The beach is not just a favourite holiday destination, it’s our favourite place to live. Around the world, coastlines have been steadily turned into new housing and tourist developments, and many beaches disappear under flocks of holiday-makers each year. This intense human presence is taking its toll on marine life.
The oceans are huge highways, across which we ship all kinds of goods. Like other human activities, this heavy traffic is leaving its mark: oil spills, ship groundings, anchor damage, and the dumping of rubbish, ballast water, and oily waste are endangering marine habitats around the world.
Oil & gas
Important reserves of oil, gas, and minerals lie deep beneath the seafloor. However, prospecting and drilling for these poses a major threat to sensitive marine habitats and species.

Climate Change
-The global average temperature increased by more than 1.4°F over the last century. Rising global temperature have also been accompanied by other changes in weather and climate. All of these changes are evidence that our world is getting warmer.
What are the Problems
The 0.6 degree rise we've experienced already kills 150000 people every Year. Seas levels are rising, seasons changing and extreme weather is becoming more extreme. As temperature increases further, there will be more flooding, more drought, more disease, causing the destruction of entire ecosystems and species.
What are the Solutions
-Developed countries must make cuts of 40% on their 1990 carbon emissions.
-Protect tropical forests with a special funding mechanism - forest for climate.
-Replace dirty fossil fuel energy with renewable energy and energy efficiency.
-Reject false solutions like nuclear energy.
- Developed countries must slow the growth of emissions by 15-30%, with support from industrialized nations.
- Sikh environment day
-Islamic relief
What can be done by You&Me
- Be energy efficient. Switch off the lights, unplug computers, tvs and other electronic when not in use.
-Make your commute 'green'. Transportation causes about 25 percent of Canada's greenhouse gas emissions, so walk, cycle or take public transit whenever you can.
Countries and Government
-Support and Donate
- Fix the roads
- Stop deforestation and take step to promote new forest growth.
The entire World
-Use renewable fuels. It can reduce greenhouse gas emissions from your vehicle.
- Plant a tree. They're an integral part of the natural atmosphere exchange cycle here on earth. A single tree will absorb one ton of carbon dioxide during its lifetime.
Climate Change
Earn and Phoebe

1) Freedom from disturbance, tranquility

2) A state or period in which the is no war, or when war has ended.

Why isn't there peace in the world
I think that there is no peace in the world due to the greed and want of people on a Global and even a small scale, the need for fighting over scarce resources such as oil and diamonds, territory, food and mates (husband/wife) is inevitable and cannot be stopped, To leave us with a safe, utopian life.

Utopia if you Want IT
Genetically Modified
quick facts
Sarah & Jason
Quick facts
Around the world, lush, topical forests are being logged for timber and pulp,cleared to grow food and destroyed by the impacts of climate change.
Nuclear energy comes from uranium,
a nonrenewable resource that must be mined.

Every 18 to 24 months, a power plant must shut down to remove its spent uranium fuel, which has become radioactive waste.

13 percent of the world’s electricity comes from nuclear power plants that emit little to no greenhouse gases.
What, why where

what: food which their genetic make up (DNA) has been
altered in a way that does not occur naturally

why: crops are currently modified to survive herbicide treatment produce their own pesticides and resist certain diseases. we are also running out of food so more yield is required

where: in north america, over 70% of our packaged food contain gmo's

Untreated sewage, garbage, fertilizers, pesticides, industrial chemicals ... most of the pollutants on land eventually make their way into the ocean, either deliberately dumped there or entering from water run-off and the atmosphere. Not surprisingly, this pollution is harming the entire marine food chain - all the way up to humans.
-Climate change occurs when the climate of a specific area or planet is altered between
two different periods of time.
-It also happens when something changes the amount of heat energy from the earth's surface
and atmosphere that escapes to space over an extended period of time.
Ocean's Most Important Predators Being Killed...But Just for the Fins
Sharks are killed in the tens of millions each year, mainly for their fins. It is a common practice to catch sharks, cut off their fins, and toss them back into the ocean where they are left to die. The fins are sold as an ingredient for soup. And the waste is extraordinary.

weird colour - colour has a huge effect on the way we perceive taste. for example, heinz launched a green tomato ketchup and the consumers said it was disgusting. Green and red ketchup were found taste exactly the same

doctors are urged to prescribe non-gmo diets for all patients. the gmos do organ damage, damage to your immune system.
Sikh environment day
Purple Mutant tomatoes headed for the uk
problems of nuclear power
Islam Relief
4/5 of the forest that covered almost half of the Earth's land surface eight thousand years ago have already been irreplaceable degraded or destroyed.
Ways we can work towards a more peaceful world?
Every 2 seconds, an area of forest the size of football pitch is lost due to logging or destructive practices.
In the last 30 years, 80%-90% of coral cover in Caribbean reefs was destroyed.
Green Peace is compaigning for zero deforestation globally, by 2020.

We CAN achieve peace in the world by helping the
ones in needs, by setting up organizations to
care for the elderly, disabled and homeless.

also if Humans stop being so greedy and wanting natural
and scarce resources and taking them by force instead
of negotiation war and confict may be avoided
-an organization inspired by the teachings of Islam
corporate actions
"Eating up the amazon" 2006
"Slaughtering the amazon" 2009
Religious organizations-
The Quakers in Britain are taking their main conference center, in Cumbria and are considering whether to make some of their land available for commercial wind pipes.
-Islamic relief believes that we all have a responsibility to maintain the balance of the earth
If humans contributed just one hour a week t
-Islamic relief believes that a stable climate and a rich environmental heritage are as important to communities as their material needs.
consumer power
1.consume greenr
2.consume less
-Islamic relief conducts meaningful environmental impact assessments as standard part of every project preparation process.
political solutions
e.g:united nation frmework convention on climate change
( unfccc )
"any international forest protection needs to be enforced to a national level, both producer and consumer countries"
The Catholic Coalition on Climate Change (a partnership of 13 Catholic organizations in the US) will look at how to tailor Catholic investment to support renewable energy technology.
indigenous actions
1.boundary marking social process
2.Eco forestry physical process
It has been called "the biggest civil society movement on climate change in history.
raise awareness of gmos and how they are bad for you

label gmos so people know what they are writing

sodium fluoride was used in the tap water by hitler in the
concentration camps to make the prisoners controllable
and sodium fluoride was found in the tap water in the us
-over 1500 schools, organizations were involved in Sikh environment day,sharing what the gift of air, land and water means to them.
What are the solutions?
- they will share what the environment means to them.
-tree plantings, to installing solar panels to hosting workshops, from gardening to hearing stories from our elders, the day is a time for Sikhs to celebrate their connection with the environment.

What we can do-

Safe catch limits
A constantly reassessed, scientifically determined, limit on the total number of fish caught and landed by a fishery. Politics and short time economical incentives should have no role in this.

Controls on bycatch
The use of techniques or management rules to prevent the unintentional killing and disposal of fish, crustaceans and other oceanic life not part of the target catch or landed.

Protection of pristine and important habitats
The key parts in ecosystems need full protection from destructive fisheries; e.g. the spawning and nursing grounds of fish, delicate sea floor, unique unexplored habitats, and corals.

Monitoring and Enforcement
A monitoring system to make sure fishermen do not land more than they are allowed to, do not fish in closed areas and cheat as less as possible. Strong monetary enforcement is needed to make it uneconomic to cheat.

We need to make sure management systems based on these rules are implemented everywhere. In combination with the banning of the lavish -hidden- subsidies to commercially unviable fisheries.
for countries, they have the obligation to propagandize the serious situation at the stage. they can use the medias to achieve this sufficiently.
Theirs enough food and water to go round for the
whole world, its just people not giving enough for the
ones who really need it.

big corporations take and use up all the resources instead of helping to supply the resources

eg: cutting down a section of the rainforest to build houses for people, and then planting on the land they have cut down, instead of clear cutting.

start to give.

Muslim are encouraged to reflect on the relationship between living organisms and their environment and to maintain the balance created by God
greenpeace wants people to put pressure on those companies which are involved.
views and opinions
Religious Views
Restrict the amount of flights, and tourists that go to the place, If possible walk or car share, to stop adding to pollution and Use money that is spent in tourism, also to put back into the tourist industry
Extended producer-responsibility programs for plastic packaging;
Advancing domestic and local regulatory actions, such as bans of the most common and damaging types of plastic litter; and
Expanding the use of “zero-trash” Total Maximum Daily Loads or similar requirements in urban coastal watersheds.
Shark finning
Finning is illegal in several countries, requiring the fins be attached to the bodies of the shark or vessels’ landings must meet a certain ratio of fin weight to body weight that depends on the species and whether or not the carcass has been ‘dressed’.
Shark sanctuaries are marine areas where sharks are fully protected by strong laws and enforcement and with the support and cooperation of local communities.
humanity was created in God's image and this means that humanity can "partner with God in the perfection of everything in the world," and therefore Jewish law accepts genetic engineering to save and prolong human life as well as increase the quality or quantity of the world's food supply

no need for genetic modification of food crops because God created everything perfectly and man does not have any right to manipulate anything that God has created nor to tamper with it.

The UK now has enough radioactive waste to fill the Royal Albert Hall five times over. There’s still no safe way to deal with it. The government plans to bury it deep underground - out of sight, out of mind, for now at least. But no one can guarantee that this highly radioactive waste won't leak back into the environment, contaminating water supplies and the food chain.
Radioactive Waste
The nuclear industry is hugely expensive. The construction and generating costs of nuclear power are greater than most renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. Added to these are costs associated with dismantling nuclear stations and waste disposal. The clean up costs for the UK’s existing nuclear industry and its waste have alone been estimated at up to £100bn.
Aside from the risk of a terrorist strike directly onto a nuclear power station, the nuclear industry transports thousands of tonnes of radioactive waste around the UK by road, rail and sea. Every week, communities up and down the country are put at risk from potential radioactive contamination as these trains trundle through our cities, towns and villages. There are no police or security personnel on board and there are no local plans in place to deal with an emergency. If a nuclear waste train was involved in a terrorist attack, tens of thousands of people could be exposed to cancer causing radiation and whole regions might have to be evacuated.
Use renewable energy (WInd, SUnlight)
Reduce the electricity use
pacifism: IS based on the belief that violence against other human beings is wrong. a group of christian pacifists are the Quakers.

Sikhism believes that peace is a gift from god. sikhs pray for the welfare of others, and believe in the principle of non-violence.
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