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Gagné’s Conditions of Learning Theory

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Elena Caceres

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of Gagné’s Conditions of Learning Theory

Gagné’s Conditions of Learning Theory
Conditions of Learning Theory
Gagné believed that for each of the different types of learning that exist, different instructional conditions are required. The following four elements provide the framework for Gagné’s Conditions of Learning Theory.

• 8 Conditions of Learning
• Association Learning
• 5 Types of Learning
• 9 Events of Instruction

Association Learning
Gagné believes these four prototypes of associative learning are components of learned human capabilities and link together as basic forms of learning.
8 Conditions of Learning
Gagné (1985) describes two different types of conditions that exist in learning: internal and external. Internal conditions include capabilities that already exist in a learner before any new learning occurs. External conditions include different stimulus’s that exist outside the learner such as the environment, the teacher, and the learning situation. Each new learning situation begins from a different point of prior learning.
8 Conditions of Learning
4 Basic Prototypes of Learning
5 Types of Learning
Gagné’s theory distinguishes the types of outcomes that learning has, the categories of learned capabilities. Gagné describes five categories of human performance established by learning.
5 Types of Learning
9 Events of Instruction
The events of instruction help learning occur and are designed to achieve each of the five different learning outcomes. Gagné created them in a sequential order.
9 Events of Instruction
Gagné’s Conditions of Learning Theory




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