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Companies need to change to attract talented students

Template to create your empathy map - SAVE A COPY, then EDIT it

Bruno Rocha

on 12 August 2013

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Transcript of Companies need to change to attract talented students

Make inferences here about the person's feelings, deriving from the SAY and DO quadrants
Makes notes here about all the things that surprised you from the interview, and those that challenged the assumptions you had.
The problem statement encapsulates the need for the stakeholder you will continue working on for next week
Male, 25 years old
Design Student
Hospitality Student (dropped)
"I got out of high school with that pressure of choice, I really wasn't sure what to study."
"My mother helped me to choose hotel area because that I could earn more money."
"Since childhood I have had contact with web design, but I didn't know I could make money with it."
"Working with people has helped me a lot."
"gaining knowledge and be recognized is more important than just salary."
I love to create beautiful and tangible things
I expect to get frequent feedback from my leaders
I prefer to get a job with a flexible schedule
I can learn and teach with my coworkers
I feel good to talk with people
Comunication is my strong point
It is important to have more time to choose a right course
I love to work with new challenges
"I dropped the course because the hotel area was very demotivating and unappreciated."
My family is very important to help me with my goals
I am very competitive student and professional
I love to go shop
Money is important to buy new gadgets and to change my wardrobe
I'm a Apple fanboy
He was dancing and listening to music with his iPhone
He was very helpfully and excited when interviewed.
A very communicative student who changed his course and career to study and work with Digital Design
I'm big curious
Work in a creative company that helps his studies with flexible schedule and good salary.
he will be proud working in a company that recognizes his talent and makes him a better professional.
A break time after the high school is important to make a better decision about student's goals.
Companies should understand a student mind and be more flexible.
Young students prefer a better work environment and flexible schedule than higher salaries.
Companies need to be more creative, motivating and more understanding to attract and hire talented students.
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