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Egyptian Mummification

A full on desription of mummification.

Vatsal Patel

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Egyptian Mummification

Earth the home of Egypt
and Pharaohs Egyptian Mummification Process Egypt the Home
of Pharaohs Mummification Process Step One
When a Pharaoh dies their death is announced. Step Two
The body is then washed
and purified The next step maybe disturbing so if you get disturbed easily cover your eyes and ears!!!! Step Three The brain is taken out by dissecting the head, by putting a hook up the nose or
using a spoon to gouge the brain out.

The Egyptians did this because they believed that Pharaohs thought with their heart not the brain Now if anyone is still covered their eyes
and ears tell them that they can stop Step Four The internal organs are removed by cutting a slit in the side of the body and then pulling out the organs.
The organs then gets individually mummified and putted into four little coffins called canopic jars. Step Five the body is now layed on a tilted slab and covered with either nacron or natrin salt. the slab is tiled so that the water can flow off. After that the body was left outside to dry for about forty days. Step Six After the body dries the body is now ready to be
mummified. The first step is to smear the body with
oil. Then a piece of gold and the eye of Horus was placed on the silt. The body was then wrapped
and the Egyptians wrapped the toes and fingers separately and between each finger were charms, jewelry, amulets, and inscribed pieces of papyrus.
The process would be stopped every once in a while so priest can say certain prayers. A painted mask was then placed over the mummy's head so the soul can see who it's owner was.The mummy was then put into a painted and decorated coffin. Step Seven The final process is when the mummy's family
and friends walk through the town to the burial
sight. Mourners were payed to cry so the gods of
after life would see that the mummy was loved.
the more people cry the more likely the the mummy will be able to go to the underworld. Before the mummy enters the tomb the open mouth ceremony would be performed. The open mouth ceremony was performed by priest outside the burial chamber. The family of the mummy recited spells while priest touch the mummy's face with instruments. Egyptians believed that the mummy can see, hear, eat,or move in the afterlife if this ceremony doesn't happen. the mummy was then laid in the burial chamber along with his/her stuff and the canopic jars and the book of the dead. The book of the dead was actually 200 spells written on a papyrus the instruct on hoe to achieve internal life. the tomb is then sealed. Now into the afterlife! In the afterlife a task called "The Weighing Of The Heart". In the mummy the heart was never removed because Egyptians believed that the most powerful part of a human's body was the heart. The gods in the underworld would judge the mummy's heart or how well the mummy behaved during his/her life. Maat, the goddess of truth brought her scale: on a side of the scale mummy's heart was put there and on the other side was the Feather of Truth. Anubis, the god of the underworld would make the final judgement and Thoth the scribe god would record it all. If the heart was heavier than the feather the soul was doomed to a horrible fate and the heart would be thrown to a monster called Ammit, or Devourer of the Dead.If both were the same weight Orisis woulg grant them immortality. Now For Our AMAZING PROJECT!!! For our project we built a Diorama
of a pyramid and inside is a MUMMY!!!
in a coffin with the organ jars!! Hope you enjoyed!!!!
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