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A lil coding to spice up your life

A lot of people advocate programming/coding for a better career path. I think a little coding can benefit everyone regardless whether they are in the software industry or not.

TS Lim

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of A lil coding to spice up your life

Like any machine, it's good at one thing. Repetition.

Also like a machine, it is very good at following instructions. Your instruction.

Computer is just a machine that can be re-programmed with different instructions Computers
are dumb It's an ART
Not SCIENCE Solving
Problems End Goal Everyone should learn
a little coding Humans (you) are the one doing it. To create is to do art.

Many solutions to a problem. There is more than one correct answer.

It is a skill. There are different styles and techniques. Experience matters. Demystify how computer works

Programming is an art.

Programming is all about solving problems by TS Lim A lil coding
to spice up your life Computer is a machine Why programming is an art Divide & Conquer

Design Patterns

Conventions How to start http://www.code.org/learn
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