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Pramod and Elijah's Project

No description

lib hist

on 9 September 2016

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Transcript of Pramod and Elijah's Project

Medal Of Honor
The Medal of Honor is the highest rank you could get in the Military, it has only been given to 3,500 soldiers by the president. These people had shown Honor, Courage, Valor and Patriotism to our country.
Edward A. Carter Jr.
Arthur J. Jackson
Arnold L. Bjorklund
Pramod and Elijah's Project
Vernon Baker
Rank: First Lieutenant
DOB: December 17, 1919
Vernon Baker, was the only African-American that survived to see the Medal of Honor. Due to Baker's actions, he was able to save his comrades and his platoon. Baker showed valor and courage by shooting two enemy German troops with a machine gun. Showing patriotism when he volunteered to lead the battalion to advance through enemy mine fields and heavy fire. After two enemy German troops had shot his captain, he had fired back and killed them. He then broke down the concealed door with a hand grenade to make an escape and save his platoon. At the age of 77, Baker had felt great honor when he was given the Medal of Honor by Bill Clinton in 1997, 52 years later...
Rank: First Lieutenant
DOB: May 26, 1916
Edward A. Carter Jr. was a soldier in World War 2 that was sadly not able to see the Medal of Honor. What he had did had saved many soldiers and his platoon. He had shown patriotism by going to Europe to help in the war. While in position, a tank had shot his platoon, the shot had injured and killed many men in the platoon. The platoon was then being pinned down with heavy fire. Carter, with 5 bullets and 3 pieces of shrapnel in his body, didn't give up and kept on fighting. The German troops had ordered Carter to show himself, but he kept quiet. 8 German troops were then told to search for him, but then 6 of them were killed by Carter and he had captured the other 2. He had then used a body as a human shield through the field and then got in control of some valuable information about the disposition of enemy troops. Due to Carter's heroism, he had been given the Medal of Honor for his actions.
Fun Facts!
-The youngest Medal of Honor recipient was Willie Johnston, who earned his medal at the age of 11!

-Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th president of the US, had been nominated twice to earn the Medal of Honor! However, he had received them by Bill Clinton in 2001, almost 90 years after his death...

-Only 19 soldiers had earned the Medal of Honor twice! This includes Theodore Roosevelt and Theodore Roosevelt Jr!
Medal of Honor
Rank: First Lieutenant
DOB: April 14, 1918
Arnold L. Bjorklund, was a soldier in the U.S. Marine Corps. His actions had saved many of his comrades and allies. Bjorklund showed patriotism when had leading his platoon on Hill 424 to reach their objective, but instead were ambushed by Germans and pinned down by heavy fire. Only armed with 3 grenades given by his fellow ally, he had courageously rushed towards a German gunner alone and hurled a grenade at him, killing the gunner and 2 other Germans. 20 yards to the right of him, was another German gunner. With his flank giving him some defending fire, Bjorklund was able to crawl towards the gunner and throw another grenade, killing him and 2 more Germans. The flank was able to move 150 yards closer to their objective, but then halted again by some mortar fire. With some more defending fire, Bjorklund was able to show valor by throwing his final grenade toward the mortar and reach their objective without having to sacrifice hundreds of soldiers. These actions had brought him attention and was shown great honor when receiving the Medal of Honor on September 6th, 1944.
Requirements for a True Medal of Honor Recipient
- High Respect; esteem
- The ability to do something that frightens one or others
- Great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle.
- Devoted love, support, and defense of one's country; national loyalty.
These Soldiers must show...
Rank: Private First Class
DOB: October 18, 1924
Arthur J. Jackson fought in World War 2, he was a soldier in the U.S Marine Corps. On September 18th, 1945, he had risked life beyond the call of duty while serving the 1st Marine Division. He was on the Island of Peleliu, he was part of the platoon's left flank, but it had been detained by heavy enemy Japanese fire, which held back the entire group. Jackson had courageously proceeded to enemy lines and charged at a pillbox housing 35 enemy troops. He then charged them and poured all over the enemy and then bombed the pillbox killing all of the enemy, by himself. This allowed his flank to advance to towards their objective and defeat 50 enemy troops and destroy 12 enemy pillboxes. With all of Jackson's courage, he was able to help his entire group and receive the Medal of Honor on October 5th, 1945.
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