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Niels Bohr - A World-changing Physicist / Scientist

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team 3

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Niels Bohr - A World-changing Physicist / Scientist

Niels Bohr - A World-changing Physicist / Scientist
Websites Used
We used 3 websites for this research. They are:

A Google site: Niels' Impact- https://sites.google.com/a/cssstudent.com/bio-of-niels-bohr/how-did-niels-bohr-affect-us-today

His Biography- http://www.nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/physics/laureates/1922/bohr-bio.html

Famous Scientists: Niels Bohr- http://www.famousscientists.org/niels-bohr/
The Finishing Touch
For a conclusion, we must NEVER mis-judge science, and let's admit it, Niels Bohr the physicist had an AWESOME theory and a great impact, and was rarely misjudged.
Niels' LIFE
Born October 7th, 1885 in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Sometimes called "Professor Bohr".
Married to a woman named Margrethe Norlund.
Conducted experiments at the Trinity College under the guidance of Professor J.J Thomson.
Died at the age of 77 from heart failure.
Had a son named Aage Bohr that also become a physicist. They we're both physicist's.
Had a family with 6 kids, all of them being BOYS.
His full name is Niels Henrik David Bohr.
Niels' Impact to Society
Niels was a physicist, and a very popular one at that. He had a very strong impact to our communities and society. He changed our daily lives, even with the atomic bomb. After finding out this bomb could cause much dangerous damage and injuries, he switched plans. He used the atomic energy and turned it into something more peaceful and something with more ways to use and is actually useful to us. From 3 discoveries he's made, the discovery of the atom structure, and how electrons circle around the nucleus, and also his view of nucleus being a drop of liquid, Niels helped scientists figure out that by splitting the nucleus, they could create a MASSIVE amount of energy calculated to about 200 MILLION VOLTS! This lead to many more inventions like the Nuclear Power Plant and other power plants all across the WORLD! Niels Bohr had an awesome & epic impact!!!!
What other scientist's said about him.
Niels was very famous, as we know. But he has received many other scientist's thoughts. Niels got good compliments most of the time, even from scientist's that we're against him. He got compliments like " Oh my gosh, what excellent work he's done!" and "Wow! Is all of this really true? This guy is a SCIENCE GENIUS!" and much more! Overall, he got good reviews about his theory's and barely had any competition.
Team 3- 6th Period

Heather Roberts - Prezi Maker
Susan Ward - Facts
David Gonzalez - Life Researcher
Christopher (Chris) Cone - Impact to Society
WATCH THIS! Niels Bohr Video
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