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French Culture 101

presentation on the entirety of the french culture.

Aubrey Patterson

on 24 March 2011

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Transcript of French Culture 101

French Culture 101
Population Language Religion Frances population is at approximately 64.8 million and growing at .54 percent every year ceci est une présentation sur la culture française The language in france is indeed french.
It is the most important international language.
It is also the second language, to english, used in most
85% of the population is roman catholic but surprisingly, only
8% of those people actively practice this religion. And approximately 10% of the population practices Islam. This is interesting because, being in Europe, you wouldnt expect a religion like that to be as popular as it is. General Attitude The french measure success in a similar way to
American culture, by educational level, family reputation, and
how rich or poor you are.
The government restricts some of the incoming music and television
shows simply because they are not part of the french culture. Personal Appearances The french take a lot of time to make sure
they are well dressed, no matter what the occasion
may be. personal appearances are very important to them.
Paris is home to many famous fashion designers, like Cocoa Chanel for example. Greetings When you greet someone other than a friend, you must shake hands with them. Women are greeted with a kiss on each cheek, by both men and women.
however, men only kiss the cheeks of family members if its another man. Gestures The “okay” sign used in the United States means “zero” to the French. The French gesture for “okay” is the “thumbs up” sign. Slapping the open palm over a closed fist is innapropriate and should be avoided. The french are also very careful about what they do and dont do in public. They do not brush their hair or use toothpicks in public. Dating and Marriage in france, people would rather hang
out with just a group of friends rather
than date.
Many french people believe that marriage is no longer important.French le pacs, or an agreement that two parties make in front of a legal representative, allows any couple who makes it the same rights that belong to a married couple. Le pacs can be ended easily, without a divorce. Couples often commit to this type of arrangement instead of getting engaged; it is a way to see if the relationship will work out before getting married.
Recreation The french have a wide variety of what they like to do with friends.This includes, going to parks, friends' houses, cafés, dances, and movies Sports The popular sports there are futball (American Soccer) and rugby. France hosted and won the 1998 World Cup soccer competition. THE END
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