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No description

Samantha Zamora

on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of SURGEON

Cardiothoracic Surgery
General Surgery
Neurological surgery
Pediatric surgery
Trauma and orthopedic surgery
Otololaryngology (ENT)
Oral and Maxillofacial surgery (OMFS)
Colon and rectal surgery
Gynecology and obstetrics
Gynecologic oncology
Plastic and maxillofacial surgery
Ophthalmic surgery
Orthopaedic surgery
Vascular surgery

Their are 14 different specialties
Yearly Earnings
Orthopedic $413,00
Cardology $351,000
Urology $ 348,000
Gastroenterology $348,000
Radiology $340,000
Anesthesiology $338,000
Plastic surgery $321,000
Dermatology $308,000
General surgery $295,000
Opthalmology $291,000
oncology $290,000
critical care $281,000
emergency medicine $272,000
pulmonary medincine $258,000
OB/GYN & Women's Health $243,000
The Number 1 reason I want become a surgeon is to SAFE LIFES and
personal experiences
What is a General Surgeon?
General is a surgical speciality that focuses on abdominal contents including stomach,liver, and gallbladder.
She was the first Latina and female general surgeon in the United States.
She was appointed by President George H.W Bush
(Quote: ''I always see the person behind the problem.'')
Antonia Novello
They work on both heart and chest . Sometimes they can work on the lungs.
Cardiothoracic Surgery
MYTHS or Truth
People should drink at least 8 glasses of
water a day.

Someone who is mentally and
physical tough to make fast
decisions when it's a life
or death situation
It's a myth because we get water from fruits and vegetables.
Life being a surgeon
BY: Samantha Zamora
surgery isn't a game. A person's life, lies in your hands

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