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Getting Things Done: On-the-Job Performance

No description

Martavius Thompson

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Getting Things Done: On-the-Job Performance

Getting Things Done: On-the-Job Performance

The Issue with Organizations
The Gap
Know what individuals are capable of
Know what the organization is capable of
Energize the team
Construct a comfortable environment
Clarify role and expectations
Presentation by
Leslie Frye & Martavius Thompson
Kennesaw State University
October 7, 2013
Execution = Delegation from Organization
Execution is tactical
The gap between promises and results
What To Understand
What Organization Wants
What Team Can Do
What To Have
What To Do
Successful on the job Performance
Identify causes of performance gaps and eliminate

Identify the business needs of an organization

Identify performance needs to accomplish internal goals

Factors External to Organization
Factors Internal to the Organization
Factors Internal to the Individual
Building Blocks to Bridge the Gap
1. Clarify roles and expectations
2. Coach and Reinforce
3. Provide Incentives
4. Organizational Systems
5. Access to people, tools, and aids
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