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13 Colonies Project: Rhode Island Presentation

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Destiny Lewis

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of 13 Colonies Project: Rhode Island Presentation

Start Of The Journey
The History Of
Rhode Island
Rhode Island was settled in 1636. Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson were the main contributors to the founding of Rhode Island. The colony was founded on separation of church and state. They were driven from Boston for their religious and political beliefs. Roger Williams bought land then they formed the city Providence. It was a place for people seeking religious freedom to settle. In 1647, Providence became the Rhode Island colony.
Where The Name Rhode Island Originated
Rhode Island was originally named "Roodt Eylandt" by Adriaen Block, the Dutch explorer. The meaning of the name is "red island" referring to the red clay that lined the shore. This name was later changed to Rhode Island when the area came under British rule.

Geography Of Rhode Island
The land consists of mountains, trees, rivers, and rocky soil so honestly it was difficult to farm and unsuitable for crops. The climate has mild, short summers and long, cold winters.The climate of the Rhode Island colony is much colder than the the other colonial regions. This is a positive factor that prevents the spread of deadly diseases.
Economy In Rhode Island
Long cold winters and rocky soil make farming difficult, but my people quickly recognized water power and created grain mills and sawmills. Shipbuilding plays a large role in the income of money. In the Rhode Island colony fishing, lumber, and whaling became major industries.
By settling in our superb and delightful colony you can be offered land, money, and the freedom to worship. The Rhode Island colony is known for its fierce independence, and if you choose to settle here you will become a part of our strong independent colony.
by Destiny Lewis
An Adventure To Rhode Island Colony
Today I am here to present the warm and welcoming colony of Rhode Island. Thank you for taking the time to explore this wonderful colony with me. I hope that by the end of this presentation you find admiration for the Rhode Island colony just as I have.

Government In Rhode Island
The social and political structure of the Rhode Island colony’s government is one of the Puritans' major contributions to American society. Puritans sought to build our society rooted in community and family, one that mirrors their ecclesiastical identity.
Religion In
Rhode Island
This New England colony was dominated by the Puritans, reformers seeking to “purify” Christianity. They came from England to practice religious without persecution. Puritans followed strict rules and were intolerant of other religions.
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