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Cloning Recipe

No description

cailey moxam

on 30 March 2015

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Transcript of Cloning Recipe

Somatic Cell
Enucleated Egg Cell
Petri Dishes
Sharp Pipette
Blunt Pipette
Chemical to Stimulate Cell Division
Enucelating the Egg Cell
Place the donated egg cell into a petri dish under the microscope
Use the blunt pipette to hold the egg cell in place
While holding the cell in place use the sharp pipette to remove the nucleus
Move the now enucleated egg cell into a petri dish labeled nuclear transfer dish
Place the somatic cell in the dish also

Stimulate Cell Division
The egg cell and its new nucleus
need a few hours to adjust to
each other
To stimulate cell division a
chemical is added that helps
fertilize the egg cell
The cell then begins dividing, in several hours there will be 16 cells in the petri dish
Transferring the Nucleus
Place the nuclear transfer dish under the microscope
Hold the somatic cell with the blunt pipette
Use the sharp pipette to remove the somatic cell nucleus
With the sharp pipette inject the somatic nucleus into the egg cell
Embryo Implantation
Transferring the
Implanting Embryo

Recipe to Clone Cailey Moxam
The final step is to deliver the clone
Following the completion of this recipe one will have a baby clone of Cailey!
Cailey (Somatic Cell Donour)

Delaney (Egg Cell Donour)

Montana (Surrogate Mother)
The embryo with at least 16 cells is then placed in the womb of the surrogate mother
The embryo continues to develop and create more cells
The remainder of the pregnancy proceeds as normal
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