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Career shadowing a chef

By : Caleb Bucklin

Caleb Bucklin

on 9 November 2010

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Transcript of Career shadowing a chef

Career shadowing a chef. I career shadowed john washell who is a chef at highland park church of the Nazerine food service. This buisness provides food for the church, the children, and for big events at certain schools in the area. The people he serves are schools, the church, other churches, sporting events, and maybe at some colleges. The purpose of his company is to provide food for events and for orders from the church. The company will serve a church of 5000 people instead of1800 people. The average salary for him is about 30,000$ a year . It requires a assosiotes gegree, and experiance in food service. The technology he uses are ovens, stoves, grills, pizza ovens, washers, ice machines, warmers, sanitation process. The skills needed for this job are managerial skills, people skills, ability to recruit, cost estimation skills, culinary skills, and purchasing skills. I would like to have this job because it is very fun and rewarding, and i like being responsible. The best thing i liked about that day was cooking 300 hamburgers, the thing i did not like was that my legs were stiff and my back hurt. This company is going green by recycling, reduce electricity, inline water heating, and dishwashing soap that is eco- freindly.
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