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The Big Cup

No description

Regine Castro

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of The Big Cup

The Big Cup
It all started with our love for eating. We usually go out at least twice a week to try new coffee shops and restaurants. In one of our dinner, we taught of putting up a coffee shop with all of our favorite drinks and dishes in our menu. We also taught of making it with a “Big Cup” concept because we want our customers to be satisfied with their drinks. We noticed that every time we go out we felt short with the drinks we ordered due to its size thus, we are making it our main concept to be serving “big cup” for our drinks and food.
We started with a very small coffee shop and we didn’t expect that it would click.

At present, we are lucky to have 3 branches here in Davao City. It is located at three different popular places (Torres, Ecoland, Lanang). Currently, we are franchising our business. Fortunately, there are already two interested party. Hopefully if everything pushes through we will be having two outlets outside of Davao which are franchise owned.
Description of the Project

Our goal is to offer Delicious food options for a healthier lifestyle.

We love it when you feel at home at our Cafe, so we've provided you with complimentary high speed Wifi, and also a selection of today's newspapers and media.
To be the worldwide leader in sharing delicious tastes and hospitality

To provide satisfaction to our customers and to help give employment to other people. We aim to serve our guests, as we would want to be served. And lastly, we want to be the place where everyone can meet and build relationships and spend the happy moments of your day with us.
Our Good Living Menu offers: Mediterranean Salads
Signature Sandwiches
Baked On Premises Pastries and Desserts
Freshly Ground Coffee and Teas
Specialty Coffees, Iced Beverages
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