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Mayan Ball Game

history project

Samuel Wang

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Mayan Ball Game

The Mayan Ballgame

Samuel Wang
Luke Robinson The Game of Life or Death Why did the Ancient Americans spend all the
time and devotion for this sport? Summarizing background info Essential Question What was the Mayan Ballgame? The Intricate Ball 3-6 pounds of rubber-like material
about 20 inches in diameter
was very hard and heavy
some contained skulls
latex from rubber tree
morning glory What groups were involved? Maya
Western Mexico
(Ancient Americas) earlier than 1400 BCE
rubber tree at sacrificial bog
Central America for over 300 yrs
Gods were ballplayers
Ball courts were late addition
played since 1,400 BC
possible birthplaces:
-Olmec Heartlands Mayan Ballcourt first team sport in human history
keep the ball in play
try to get ball in rings
was extremely hard
hit ball with hips (most widespread version)
casually for recreation
spiritual game
human sacrifice
many ancient American civilizations played What did they use for their intriguing game ball? Uniforms used in the Game headress
manopla (handstone)
yuguitos (knee protectors)
mainly to protect from heavy rubber ball How the game was created Origins Our Insightful answer Essential Question: Why did the Ancient Americans spend all the
time and devotion for this sport? Gods
for entertainment
sacred Masonry structure
shape changed little
over 1300
narrow alley
walls sloped and horizontal
Great Ball court at Chichen Itza
public spaces for events (city) Today: basketball
to make money
exercise/ get fit
to make friends
goals in life(sports)
upper body strength soccer:
to make money
exercise/ get fit
make friends
goals in life(sports)
lower body strength Mayan Ballgame vs. Basketball Basketball Mayan Ballgame Common features Both are sports
Both require skills
Both involve balls
Both tried to get ball in goals
Both had courts
Both got lots of attention
Both had uniforms
Both had fans
Both had half-time shows
Both had people gambling on outcomes required mostly upper body strength
entertainment, fun
ball was bigger (27.5-29.5 in)
losers weren't treated that badly
could only use hands
court was usually indoors
played for fun and fame (professional) Spiritual
losers were sacrificed
ball was smaller (8-10 in)
court was usually outdoor
not to make money
part of cultural history
could not use hands or feet An Exciting Video of the Mayan Ballgame in action Today vs. Back Then Bibliography All we have to say is thank you websites
for providing plentiful credible and insightful info! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mesoamerican_ballgame
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