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Social Media & Advertising

An analysis of the impact that social media has had on advertising, and how some major corporations are utilizing social media to advertise.

Matthew Bayer

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Social Media & Advertising

The Group Blogging Micro-Blogging Location Based Games YouTube MySpace Facebook Micro-Blogging is... Blogging with a
character limit Typically 140 Characters Micro-Blogging Services Posterous FriendFeed Tumblr Daily Booth 12 Seconds TWITTER Took off in 2009 Companies being involved
on Twitter automatically
creates buzz about them
within the micro-blog-osphere CAUTION Advertising is frowned
upon within social media. This forces companies to
BE CREATIVE Direct Advertising
Twitter Pages Supplement Customer Support Target The ability to select
who sees your ad using
a number of variables.
You can target by location, age, gender, relationship status, education, workplace and keywords.
The real trick is expanding
your keywords to the point
where you have a large enough
audience to get the job done.
Attract &Engage First, you decide whether you
want people to be directed to
your own web page or
something on Facebook like
a Page, Application or Event.
Facebook puts a “Become a fan” or “RSVP to this event” button right in the ad if it’s promoting a page or an event. When someone RSVPs to an event, all their facebook friends automatically see that action in their News Feed.
The most successful use of ads
on social networks is to create
deeper engagement so you have the
ability to sell once trust is built.
CPC cost per click model
where you pay only for clicks.
Budget CPM cost per thousand model where you pay per 1000 ad views.
Test You can test your advertising
easily on facebook.
Once you create an ad, you will have the ability to create similar ads and run those as well.
You can view which ad is
performing the best based on clicks.
Analyze This will help page admins narrow or broaden their targeting
If you are running an ad for an event or Facebook page, you can use the Facebook Insights tool to monitor interaction. Facebook Insights can give you
information about the actual,
not targeted demographics and interests
of the people clicking on your ads
and keywords that drew that interest. 5 Inspiring Facebook
Case Studies (from Mashable) Local Case Pictures Fan Comments Interactive with fans Daily status updates Logo/Branding Keys to Advertising on Facebook Know your audience Provide quality,
regular content Encourage discussion
and engagement What is FourSquare and
other Navigation Gaming
all about? It's an application that allows
you to post where you are from
your phone You can add friends and see
where they are too Check-ins If you check in, you can receive rewards from that company

If you check in the most, you become the mayor and can receive more rewards How is this affecting ADVERTISING? Tips Tell people what you
liked, or didnt At check-in, you can see
what other people are saying
about that place Starbucks and
Customer Loyalty Is testing the FourSquare market
by rewarding people who check-in
to their stores Already setting a
trend - Tasty D-Lite THE POINT: Customer Loyalty Analyzing Data Check-ins and tips
create data FourSquare is currently working on Check-in Analysis for business owners THE POINT: Businesses
will be able to better cater individual stores to their local market Reaching new consumers You can see what people
in your area are doing You can see what they like or dislike THE POINT: It can bring new customers! Tasti D-lite - "Preliminary data is showing that this is driving foot traffic in stores," said B.J. Emerson, director-information and social technologies for the 50-store chain. "We'll most likely pursue this where we can measure effectiveness and return." Maintain a Company
Blog Place an ad in a
niche blog Hire a review blogger Viral Marketing Cost efficient Interaction Credibility Target traffic Ads suite the blog Connecting advertisers
and bloggers "Pin the tail on the donkey" www.blogadvertisingstore.com www.payperpost.com www.blogsvertise.com Get paid to blog Review products and
services Google Adsense Mommy bloggers Facebook has integrated itself into multitudes of websites apart from facebook. On abc.com, for example, one can log into their facebook account and update their page with activity from abc.com, such as watching shows. Facebook wants to continue connecting people
together as a medium for exchange, but why? Simply put, if they don’t, someone else will. There is much money to be made in advertising…advertisers go where people are, and any smart ad agency will realize that potential that exists. As long as facebook is the primary medium, advertisers will be paying them for the right to access the 300,000,000+ users. McDonalds, while typically using more traditional advertising techniques, employs a similar strategy. By sponsoring so many different, large-scale organizations and events, such as the Olympics, McDonalds is creating brand-recognition with their company. Chrysler has also been associating its brand with Nasa as of a few days ago in order to create a positive image of its brand (and hopefully spur vehicle sales as well). The end goal here is a seamless integration and use of facebook in our daily lives, just as easily as we use text messaging. Most mobile devices today have some sort of custom facebook application integrated into their operating system The previous means of advertising and distributing music to mainstream audiences were recording labels and large companies. Any musician or group who had a good amount of talent and wanted to get their name out typically used these channels, and paid the associated price, to do so However, MySpace music has allowed artists to use free social media to get their message out to audiences. Fan pages are custom designed by the groups, or their designers, and offer group information, tour dates, digital copies of songs for purchase, group bios and new music videos. There are also links to the group's blog post on the page which offers the unique feeling of being connected with the group on a more "personal" level. The beauty of this is that their message
can be accessible to just as many of their
fans without all of the traditional
advertising costs. Weblo A company that sells ads onto
people’s blogs and social networking
profile pages.
It estimates people’s advertising worth based on how many friends they have in their social networks and how many people will likely see ads on their pages.
It shares ad revenue with the people
who let it place ads on their pages.
Weblo’s chief executive, Rocky
Mirza, says that people should be
able to sell space on their pages on
Facebook because they are the content creators.
The activity of attracting public attention
to a product or business, as by paid
announcements in the print, broadcast,
or electronic media advertising model of the future Video advertising provides the
ability to highly engage your audience,
and with YouTube Insight. YouTube is one of the biggest and fastest growing sites on the internet.
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