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To Kill a Mockingbird

No description

Laura Chavez

on 8 April 2011

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Transcript of To Kill a Mockingbird

Symbol: Miss Maudie’s azaleas Miss Maudie’s azaleas are a symbol of the true meaning of life. She wasn’t a

bit devastated about the fire that occurred in her house. She was actually

quite optimistic and said that now she would have more room for her

beautiful flowers. This means she concentrates mainly in her passion and

the rest doesn’t really affect her. In other words she doesn’t look at t he half

empty cup but at the half full. Her azalea’s are the only beautiful thing she

owns and she cares for them with all her resources.
Symbol: The Blanket In this book the mockingbird is a symbol of the three children

Scout, Jem, and Dill. They are innocence and curiosity. A mockingbird

doesn’t mean to hurt anything or anyone and this also applies to the kids.

These children know that there is evil in everyone but they focus on the

positive characteristics that everyone possesses. It is a sin to kill a

mockingbird because it is innocent and there is no reason to kill it, that’s

why it is a sin when Bob Ewell tries to kill the children Scout and Jem. It

causes a bigger impact on the people that know about it opposed to if it

was someone like Bob Ewell himself. Symbol: To Kill a Mockingbird The blanket that appears on Scout’s back is a symbol of Boo Radley’s

kindness. The children have a perspective that Boo is evil and are terrified

of him. Since he doesn’t want to come out he can’t prove that he is nice and

good hearted. On the night of the fire Scout appears cold standing outside

of the Radley place and apparently Boo unexpectedly brings her a blanket

and puts it over her without her noticing. When they find out it was him

their attitudes change towards him because they realize that he truly had a

good heart. To Kill a Mockingbird Innocence Dill Harris Scout Finch Jem Finch Age vs. Youth Atticus Finch Arthur Radley Scout Finch Mayella Ewell Scout goes to school, and is punished for speaking out. The children find a golden watch on the radley tree Tom Robinson is declared guilty, and then is shot dead when he tries to escape. The children attend the black church with Calpurnia. Scout, Dill, and Jem decide they are going to
make Boo come out of his house. Bob Ewell is mad at Atticus for defending Tom robinson,
so he decides to take it out on his children and attacks to kill.
He breaks Jem's arm. Boo Radley killd Bob Ewell and saves the childrens
life and finally Scout meets Arthur Radley. Jem breaks in the Radley place
and is shot at by the father, but misses.
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