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The batboy

No description

Bob Jon

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of The batboy

Bat Boy By: Mike Lupica Summary Brain is living every baseball fans dream. He is the bat boy for the Detroit Tigers his favorite team since he was a kid. He got chosen when he wrote a letter to Detroit Tigers organization. But it wasn't just any letter, the letter stated that he knew he was to young. It also said that his dad was a former pitcher in the MLB, and without baseball he wouldn't know what he would do. The letter was so well written that the Detroit Tigers organization sent it to ESPN and the note that Brian wrote was an ESPN special. After that letter was sent the owner of the Tigers couldn't say no to a kid that had passion for the game. Brian was excited that he got the job but every time he hears the word baseball his dad comes to mind which brings sad and depressing thoughts. The reason is because his dad was an MLB pitcher but without any notice he left them and the only thing he left behind was a note. The note said that he got a job in Japan to coach a baseball team. For those two months that he didn't see his dad he was depressed. But when he the word baseball comes to mind he hears another name Hank Bishop. Hank is his favorite baseball player. Hank has been his favorite baseball player since he began to know the sport . Hank has been retired for years because he got suspended for performance is enhancing drugs. But if he got caught one more time for using it he would never play another game of baseball ever again. But when Brian was working in the dug out at Comerica park where the Tigers play there was some breaking news in the sports world. Hank Bishop has come out of retirement and is going to play with his old team the Tigers. Brian is even more excited about this job because he might get to meet his favorite players. When everything seemed to be going alright the world for Brian took a big turn for him including that when his mom was taking him home from his job she said to Brian that his dad was coming to scout new players for his Japanese team that he was coaching. Brian is excited but he is scared of what his dad might be like. But he has some anger towards him. The next day he sees his dad and realized that he hadn't changed at all. Brian knew that his and his dad relationship couldn't be repaired. Brian got even more anger when he didn't even pay attention to what Brian said. Another turn is that he couldn't hit the ball for his team called sting. He couldn't hit anything even if it was a strike. So after a Tigers game. He and his friend Finn went into a batting cage so he could make his swing better. Then out of no where Hank comes in and corrects his swing for Brian. Then in Brian's next three games he got four hits in one game. But Hank after correcting Brian's Hank becomes on a bad streak of striking out and all he needed was one more home run to get five hundred home runs. Will Hank be able to get the five home runs with the season coming to a end? Books Genre The Genre is definitively realistic fiction because it can totally happen in real life. Somebody could be a bat boy for a baseball team. But the book has some elements of sports drama because in the book Hank is out of retirement and Brian was once at a slump and then his dad comes back from Japan. These are genres for the book. This genre of book has a great appeal for me or anyone who likes a little drama and some action with sports. I love
sports so that's why this book has a great appeal to me. Characters The main character is Brian Dudley a teenager that loves the game of baseball. Brian is a fun and enjoyable kid to be around especially if you love baseball. The significance he brings to the story he is the main character story and the book title is the bat boy which is his job. One of the many supporting characters is Hank Bishop a 40 year old former MLB player for the Tigers, that has been tested positive for performance in enhancing drugs. He plays a HUGE factor in the book because he is Brian's favorite baseball player and he has just come out of retirement to chase the 500 home runs that every players wants to have before they retire. A minor character throughout the book is a boy name Finn. Finn is also the other bat boy that works with Brian. So he is like Brian's co-worker with him. Brian and him workers together but they are great friend. He doesn't play big factor because he doesn't play baseball with Brian but they still like each other. The Character that is the most Minor is the dad. He is a baseball lover and former MLB pitcher. He has never really been there for Brian or actually cared for Brian through out the book. Setting The setting of the book happens most of the time at a baseball field that Brian is playing on or at Comerica Park where the Detroit Tigers play Conflicts One of the biggest conflicts in the book is when Hank is on 499 home runs he can't do anything but strike out and pop the ball up. When Hank couldn't hit anything people were doubting him. Another Conflict is that Brian since he has been focused on the Tigers he didn't have enough time to practice so he also just like Hank could only strike out. Connections The only connection I made was text to self. The text to self because Brian and I both love baseball and like to play baseball. Rating I would give this book a 8.5 stars out of ten. I would give it this reason because I thought it was written really good and the author could paint a picture in my mind. But they author would tend to change the subject and I would get confused at some points. who's it a good fit for It is good for people that like a good action and sort of dramatic book that has a lot of twists and turns. It is mostly made for middle school boys that like or play sports. Main theme The main theme of this book is about a kid that likes baseball. It is also about a old baseball player that needs some motivation. THE END
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