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The dolphin 3K

No description

Brady Marple

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of The dolphin 3K

why the Dolphin 3K is awesome
The dolphin 3K
The greatest depth
the greatest depth is 3300 meters underwater
How many people can fit inside
the dolphin 3k can't carry any people therefore it is unmanned
The major discovery
the dolphin 3k is famous for finding cold seep carbonates such as chimney type and pavement type
Technology on the sub and on the ship
it has a manipulator and two arms. it also has 3 televisions and a ground thermometer
Who invented it and what year
the Dolphin 3k was developed by the Japanese Marine Science and Technology a.k.a. J.a.m.s.t.e.c. in 1986
the dolphin 3k is 3 meters long
by Brady
What makes it different then others
the dolphin 3k is smaller than the Shinki 6500

fun fact
the dolphin 3k was made to rescue the Shinki 6500

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